Damayanti Datta

'The Prime Minister Has Framed Poshan Abhiyaan As A Jan Andolan. That Makes Malnutrition A Collective Problem': Professor K. 'Vish' Vishwanath

It’s a bright feather in Poshan Abhiyaan’s hat when someone like K “Vish” Vishwanath talks about the transformative potential of Modi government’s flagship programme to make India malnutrition-free. With an extensive track record of research on the role of communication in health promotion, inequity and emergency, the Director of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health India Research Center, is a master of translational communication, informing and influencing public health policy, research, teaching and practice across the world. In this extract from an extensive interview with Damayanti Datta of Outlook Poshan, he explains what is different from the past and how India is embracing the idea of people’s participation in decision-making for the first time. The video of the full interview is attached below:

November 05, 2019