November 15, 2020

Environmentalists Rejoice after the UP Government Recognizes Soor Sarovar as Ramsar Site

Environmentalists have hailed the Uttar Pradesh government's decision to declare Agra's Soor Sarovar (Keetham lake) as a Ramsar site.


November 13, 2020

Researchers Develop New Approach to Identity Cryptic Species

Frogs of genus Minervarya are common throughout south Asia. However, there is very little information on their genetic data and distribution range. In India, the species, Minervarya Syhadresnsis, is abundant in the northern Western Ghats.


November 03, 2020

Wetlands at risk as the incidences of droughts rise

In a major study, researchers have shown how droughts are threatening the health of wetlands globally.


Soumi Dey - November 01, 2020

Dance of the bees

Communication across various species is a complex affair for humans to comprehend. The uniqueness in each species is also interesting.


October 12, 2020

Nature protection takes backseat in most pandemic recovery plans

Most countries are failing to invest in nature-related economic reforms or investments in their Covid-19 pandemic recovery plans, says a study.


October 10, 2020

Migratory bird species face extinction, need global protection: UN treaty head

Migratory bird species are in danger of extinction globally. International cooperation is must.


Ananda Bannerjee - September 24, 2020

Living with Leopards with Dr Vidya Athreya

Dr Vidya Athreya, PhD, is an award winning wildlife scientist who has been working on the human-leopard interactions for more than a decade. Athreya has done her field research in Maharashtra — a state where leopards and people share “croplands” and human


Sophie Ibbotson - August 17, 2020

In The Shadow Of Lady Liuwa

A single lioness’ legacy permeates the inimitable savannah of Liuwa National Park


Nayanika Mukherjee - August 15, 2020

What’s Happening in the World of Indian Wildlife?

Keen explorers should know all six of these hopeful stories


Bhavika Govil - August 15, 2020

A Wild Calling: Stories Of Indian Wildlife Rangers And Their Parks

How a project is shifting the narrative of wildlife journalism from statistics to stories of the people around them