India Has Ensured That Development And Environmental Preservation Go Hand In Hand: Bhupinder Yadav

By Outlook Planet Desk June 23, 2023

The minister emphasised many ministry activities in combating climate change while speaking at a press conference in New Delhi on the ministry's accomplishments over the course of nine years

India Has Ensured That Development And Environmental Preservation Go Hand In Hand: Bhupinder Yadav
Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav.

According to Bhupender Yadav, the Union Minister for Labour and Employment, Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change, India has ensured that development and environmental preservation go hand in hand under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in addition to becoming a global leader in addressing climate change.

Speaking at a press conference on the successes of the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change in New Delhi today, he said that through initiatives like the International Solar Alliance, the Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, and the Leadership of Industry Transition, all of which were envisioned by Prime Minister Modi, the nation has become a leader on the international stage and the voice of the global south.

It was emphasised how these initiatives and efforts, which incorporate early warning systems, have helped both tiny island developing nations and domestic citizens.

According to Yadav, India is involved internationally in conservation efforts related to biodiversity as well as climate change, as seen by programmes like the International Big Cats Alliance, which was just recently established. He emphasised how by using action-oriented strategies like Project Cheetah, India is not only righting historical wrongs but also making firm moves that result in real reforms at the grassroots.

The Union Minister discussed how the most vulnerable members of society have benefited most from legal changes over the past nine years, including the amendment of the Wildlife Act, the Biodiversity Act, the decriminalisation of existing laws, and the National Forest Policy. 

He added that the administration has made sure that technical improvements are assisting in bringing transparency to the decision-making process through programmes like the PARIVESH site.

 The Union Minister stated that the Environment Clearances, which the Project Proponents must properly implement, include environmental safeguards. According to him, environmental clearances are now being reviewed and issued in less than 75 days, as opposed to the 600 days they took to process in 2014. Additionally, the issuance of additional permissions, including those for forests, wildlife, and coastal regulatory zones, has been computerised and is being handled in an integrated manner. According to him, all of this has improved process accountability and openness.

Yadav said that a surge in population in India's wildlife has been confirmed by species-specific surveys. He claimed that a targeted conservation approach has led to a significant increase in the numbers of Tigers, Asiatic Lions, and Asiatic Elephants.

The minister claimed that Mission LiFE, the slogan created by the Hon. Prime Minister at COP 26 in Glasgow to promote sustainable lifestyles, has gained recognition and acceptance on a global scale. Shri Yadav elaborated on this by citing the COP 27 Declaration, the G7 Communiqué, and the CBD Montreal Declaration, whose cover texts stressed the significance of sustainable living and supported the mission of Mission LiFE. He emphasised the accomplishments of the Mission LiFE platform, which was developed to document each person's effort to combating climate change and spread the Jan Bhaagidari Movement.