Lab Diamonds Are Good For The Pocket And The Planet

By Disha Shah March 25, 2023

The diamond industry has a significant adverse impact on the environment, but lab-grown diamonds have a far smaller carbon footprint

Lab Diamonds Are Good For The Pocket And The Planet
Jewellery buying is also attached to a form of making investments. Lab-grown diamonds embellished on 18kt gold make for good investment, too. DepositPhotos

Diamonds have traditionally been used as a sign of love and expression of eternity for women, embellished within engagement rings and wedding bands as the centerpiece. Compared to other precious gems, diamonds outweigh their reflection from perfect-cut edges. But one of the most serious problems with diamonds is the environmental effects of mining.

Traditional diamond mining is not just hazardous to the environment, but also notorious for worker exploitation and labour. Due to the growing consciousness towards sustainability, there is a positive trend of making ethical choices within jewellery purchases. The shift towards lab-grown diamonds and their popularity is a welcome change.

As simple as it sounds, lab diamonds are produced within a lab by using cutting-edge technology that replicates the formation of natural diamonds. This gives scientists the ability to make diamonds that are optically, physically and chemically equivalent to actual diamonds while being less damaging to the environment. They are created with carbon seeds to imitate the process of natural diamond formation under the earth’s crust. When renewable energy methods are used within this process, diamond production becomes even more sustainable. 

Most diamond aficionados like to know where their stone came from and how it got to them. Since they are typically mined in conflict-ridden areas, most naturally occurring diamonds have unclear origins. However, lab-grown diamonds have a clear past and a traceable source.

What is not to like when your jewellery is sustainable yet precious and comes at outstanding price points! These diamonds perfectly shadow the quality of mined diamonds with additional benefits. With some of the high-end brands investing in lab-grown diamond producers and celebrity endorsements, there is a positive shift within the jewellery world. This conscious shift to lab-grown diamonds does have its share of benefits. For an industry that has a significant influence on the environment, lab-grown diamonds have a far smaller carbon footprint. Also, being a lot more cost-effective than mined diamonds, fine diamond jewellery has become an affordable luxury.

When it comes to jewellery, the trends switch as per fashion and the occasion. But for a piece of diamond jewellery, the classic style that exudes elegance is never out of style. On a wider observation, the trends are very subtle and minimal or go all glitz and grand. 

For regular use, minimalism is definitely in and lab-grown diamond jewellery makes it so much more stylish and accessible to flaunt. It is now possible to own multiple diamond sets instead of one coveted piece being repeated on occasion. The affordability factor really presents this big picture on being able to own multiple diamond accessories. More so, if one has the budget, one can opt for solitaire accessories or trendy styles and customised designs. It opens up avenues to precious gifting as well. The status quotient it adds when gifting someone a diamond accessory does not go unnoticed.

It is always possible to find new and compelling reasons to support buying of lab-grown diamonds. Jewellery buying is also attached to a form of making investments. Lab-grown diamonds embellished on 18kt gold make for good investment, too. 

It is the consumer who decides what works and sustains in the longer run. The current generation forms an informed consumer. Young purchasers are drawn to lab-grown diamonds because of the price factor and the promise of purity. This is projected to grow as more people are interested in guilt-free possession. Wearing and owning diamonds as a part of one’s regular wear jewellery is possible with these lab-grown gems. And it is a positive development for not just the producer and consumers, but our planet earth as a whole. 

--Disha Shah is Founder, DiAi Designs, India's first sustainable jewellery brand.