Nuts For Life!

By Arshi Khanam August 13, 2020

Are you among those who constantly crave for nuts? Here are some 'brow-raisin' facts about nuts and their benefits you need to know.

Nuts For Life!
Nuts For Life!.

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. This may be an age-old proverb but it's still functional. A person who is physically healthy, is emotionally healthy too. Eating the right food at the right time and in the right quantity will not only keep you in good shape, but will also bestow amazing health benefits that would help us stay healthy all along. Nuts or dried seeds are smaller in size but packed with the wholesome nutritional properties.

Fattening or flattening?

Due to the presence of high calories and fats, we often become reluctant to consume the required amount. The fear of fattening keeps us deprived of enjoying the nutritional benefits found in varied nuts and seeds. Many studies have proved that regular intake of nuts aids in weight loss.

A study was conducted by to encourage the intake of nuts among youngsters, and to access their total nut consumption. The conclusion was surprising, but revealed the alarming situation of low intake due to various factors, the most common were - nut allergies and weight gain. 

Roast, crush or eat raw, nuts make a perfect substitute for high-calorie snacks. They are supplied with the goodness of proteins, dietary fiber, vitamins & minerals and tons of antioxidant properties. There are evident facts, showing how a weight loss diet (containing nuts) boosts weight loss, along with reducing bad LDL cholesterol.

The covid-19 pandemic spilled water on most of our plans, and also left us swayed in the array of emotions. Working late night, attending official meetings via video conferencing are now an inevitable part of our life (at least at the moment). The disturbed sleep pattern and irregular meals are adversely affecting our body. This is the crucial time for taking precarious steps towards improving health and diet. How less-likely do we realize that missing the most important meal of the day, i.e. breakfast disbalances the normal routine for the entire day.

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Don't count the calories, count the benefits!

Here are some reasons why you must eat sufficient amount of nuts on a daily basis despite of following any certain diet.

-Boost weight loss and regulate appetite

The habit of eating anything just to satiate the hunger pangs is one of the common reasons why most people find it difficult to stick to their diet plan. Adding nuts to your diet eases hunger and keeps stomach full for a longer interval. A fuller and happy stomach means fewer calories for the rest of the day.

High in proteins and unsaturated fats, nuts help in reducing appetite and boosting the weight loss process. They are weight loss friendly because only some proportion of the fat is absorbed during the digestion process and the rest is discarded in the form of feces.

-They are heart-friendly

Nuts are quite helpful in reducing the LDL (bad cholesterol) because they contain polyunsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats and phytosterols.

-Provide healthy lifestyle

According to analysis of studies and surveys collected, consumption of nuts also leads to a healthier life. It cuts off chances of premature deaths or heart diseases by 20-25%.

-Power-packed snack/breakfast

There are numerous mornings when we don't feel like eating much. The monotonous regimes and repetitive breakfast meals convince us to skip the breakfast. However, if we add a fistful of nuts like sliced almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, peanuts to the food items, even the boring food turns tasty and interesting.

For instance, adding nuts to your bowl of cornflakes during breakfast increases your nutrition intake. It not only enhances the taste but is nutritious too. Another example is Poha, adding some peanuts will make it incredibly rich and flavoursome.

-They are wholesome

Nuts provide a dose of multiple vitamins and minerals. Peanuts is an affordable nut which is loaded with protein, omega-3 & 6, biotin, folate, phosphorus, thiamin, and copper.

According to the data and survey of 'statista' in  2018-19, peanuts are the most popular nuts consumed in the whole world, followed by almonds. They are beneficial for heart health and maintaining blood sugar level.

If you're a vegan, then meeting your protein needs is quite a tedious task. Peanuts contain an adequate amount of proteins. A 100 gm pack of peanuts provide 25 gm of proteins. Since it is a plant-based protein, it is highly in demand. Also, try peanut butter for a finger-licking experience.

-Secret ingredient for glowing and young skin

Walnuts are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids. It is a magical potion, especially for women due to the amazing skin health and easing menstrual pain. It controls hormonal imbalances and therefore prevents mood swings.

Almonds, on the other hand are the second most consumed nuts because of their versatility and nutritional properties, such as vitamin E, magnesium, protein, etc. Its nutritional capacity accentuates when eaten after soaking overnight. The antioxidants and vitamin E protects skin from damage and early signs of ageing. In fact, it is a secret ingredient for a radiant, radical and blemish-free skin.

So, ladies grab some soaked almonds, and you'll probably not need face highlighters anymore!