How Can I Help in The Fight for Clean Air?
How Can I Help in The Fight for Clean Air?

The best you can do individually to mitigate air pollution is reducing and segregating your household waste (as well as your e-waste).
The waste that we produce ends up in landfills and burning of waste is a major contributor to the toxic air we breathe.
Waste landfills emit methane, a known greenhouse gas accelerating climate change. Waste is also set on fire in landfills where high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are emitted which cause acute respiratory illness along with long-term medical complications. Trash fires, a common practice to remove waste piles, contribute very high levels of particulate matter (PM2.5/ PM10).
In both urban and rural India, household, industrial, construction and demolition and electronic waste, all contribute to air pollution. Most of urban India continues to send its waste to fenced dumps or landfills, where a vicious cycle unfolds and greenhouse gasses leak into the environment.
Your one action - by reducing and segregating waste you not only contribute for a cleaner air but also in the management of solid waste, a key mandate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.
When you reduce and segregated waste it gives an opportunity for government authorities to recycle and run a circular economy.

Action Points

  • Take a pledge today to join the fight for clean air in Outlook's ,“I can't breathe” campaign.
  • Send us a picture of how you are reducing / segregating waste to inspire fellow citizens
  • Win Exciting Prizes


You can join the campaign by signing up yourself/ your residential society/ Your organisation and agreeing to:

  • Actively seek ways to avoid waste including Single Use Items and Plastics e.g. Remove, Reduce, Re-use, Repair, Upcycle, Donate, Recycle, Recover.
  • Segregate our key recyclable materials including: Metals; Plastics; Glass; Paper and Card.
  • Where required introduce Food Waste Recycling
  • Re-use, Repair and/or Recycle our Electrical waste or Electronic Equipment (WEEE waste).
  • To share our story detailing any successes or challenges faced using @PlanetOutlook
  • Review and Actively monitor Recycling and Waste management activity in your local region.
Sign up to the Pledge today and you will benefit by:
  • Receiving a ‘Planet Outlook SEG_WASTE’ certificate/ sticker of our logo to help promote your environmental commitment on social media.
  • Get instant gratification from us. Refer the pledge to your friend and win more exciting prizes.
  • Becoming part of movement and sharing your experience with the world and showing your commitment towards environment care and clean air.

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