Oxygen In-home Care

Breathing issues are at an all times high leading to frequent emergency hospital trips. To make living easier in this scenario of pollution and pandemic, home care Oxygen is becoming an essential part of this new normal life.

Planet Outlook
October 30, 2020
Oxygen In-home Care

With pollution, health related problems and the raging pandemic – everybody is aware of the usefulness of oxygen in saving lives. Oxygen is required immediately in various cases and every single second counts. To combat the emerging crisis, ‘MyOxy’ has been developed and launched in different variants as solution for different problems

MyOxy ‘Portable Oxygen Can’ – It is Medicinal Grade Oxygen (Oxygen I.P. 99%) packed in a Safe and Seamless Aluminium Can. The product is duly approved by FDA and manufactured under Valid Drug Manufacturing License. Every lot of the product, before released for sale, is thoroughly tested as per parameters provided in India Pharmacopeia (I.P.) The product being super light weight (Approx 125 gms) and of small body makes it perfect to keep and carry everytime, everywhere whether Office, Home or Car. Although, the product contains limited quantity of Medicinal Oxygen (Oxygen I.P. 99%) i.e. 5.9 Ltr Oxygen at 1200 kPa pressure, but is very useful in form of breath/puffs as First Aid when the patient is in dire need of Oxygen and every second counts. The product has also been proven a tremendous success in tourism and pilgrimage at High Altitude like Leh/Ladakh, Shri Amarnath and Shri Kedarnath etc. where it is not possible to carry heavy oxygen cylinders. The product is widely available at leading pharmaceutical outlets across Country. As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Act and Rules, this product is not a ‘scheduled drug’ hence can be purchased from pharmacies without any prescription of a doctor.

MyOxy ‘Portable Light Weight Aluminium Cylinder with Breathing Kit’ – It is a marvellous product containing Medicinal Oxygen (Oxygen I.P. 99%) in capacity of 1500 ltr, 675 ltr and 330 ltr Oxygen Cylinders at 150 bar pressure. It is very helpful and useful for the Patients requiring Oxygen for long durations. The cylinders are provided with the kit which is very easy and safe to handle. It can be easily used at home as no tool/spanner is required to operate. The different sizes of cylinders are available for different uses to meet the specific consumer requirement. A small cylinder kit can be hung around the shoulder like any other bag. The bigger size cylinders are made to be kept in household for the longer therapy of Oxygen. All the cylinders are duly approved by PESO, Govt of India and meets the safety standards.

MyOxy ‘Oxygen Concentrator’ – It is a fantastic product specially designed for home care patients who require Oxygen therapy for longer duration. It is exceedingly difficult for someone to get cylinder refilled repeatedly where there is a regular requirement of oxygen therapy for patients with COPD, Asthma, or other breathing issues. This product (equipment) is designed to manufacture and supply Oxygen 93% from the atmospheric air itself with a flow rate adjustable from 1to 5 LPM. It runs on electricity (280 watts) and can also be operated on inverter as well. This product/equipment is very easy and safe to handle/operate at home. It has proved to be a boon for the people who have weak lungs and require supplementary oxygen regularly. MyOxy’s dynamic oxygen facilitators are doing a notable work towards combating the oxygenrelated crisis emerging in these times of pandemic and rising air pollution. MyOxy’s versatile range of products lets people breathe fresh and breathe good and is proving to be the best friend for the human lungs.