Tiles That Fight Germs

Of the many things that the coronavirus-infected 2020 taught us, the one that stands out is hygiene.

Planet Outlook
February 12, 2021
Tiles That Fight Germs

Of the many things that the coronavirus-infected 2020 taught us, the one that stands out is hygiene. As humanity fought an invisible assassin that jumps from people to people, from surface to surface, we realised—or kind of reprised ourselves of—the importance of cleanliness for personal and universal safety and well-being. Despite being constantly fortified with hand washes, masks, and sanitisers, the world remains exposed to a great many sources of highly contagious germs. And to fight this ever-growing scourge of infectious diseases, people need more effective tools.

Billions of people hunkered down in their homes—unprecedented in the history of humankind—changing the way we live and go about our life as work from home became a norm. When offices and businesses opened, sanitation and protocols such as social distancing and keeping the hands off the face were utmost priorities. But even if one doesn’t step out of their houses and follow all the safety protocols in workplaces, the risk of catching the infection wasn’t completely eliminated because the virus coexists in the environment. We can’t avoid touching surfaces around us. Yes, we do clean surfaces often and regularly. But rest assured that none of the floor/surface cleaners in the market can make your room 100 per cent germ-free. Those that survive the chemical wash, a certain bacterium, for instance, multiply fast. Very fast. Research shows that some species of bacteria can multiply in 20 minutes. From one to two million in a matter of just seven hours! This has significantly increased the need for in-built infrastructure that is capable of providing the safeguard against these invisible enemies.

In such circumstances, human ingenuity comes into the picture. One such innovation is H&R Johnson tiles—kitted out with a revolutionary technique that provides extra all-around protection from germs that breed in spaces around us. H&R Johnson introduced antimicrobial tiles with silver ion technology that helps eliminate and neutralise microscopic organisms once they come in contact with the tiled surface.

This product by H&R Johnson, introduced in 2010, is India’s first range of germ-free tiles that keep surfaces hygienic and control infections. By using the H&R Johnson antimicrobial tiles in hospitals, schools, restaurants, gyms, homes as well as offices, one can reduce the chances of getting diseases like hospital acquired infections (HAI), diarrhoea, skin infection, pneumonia, and other such ailments. These tiles provide 24/7 protection against germs. Inorganic and zero volatile organic compounds in the composition of the tiles make it a great fit for human use. And these are environment-friendly too.

“After years of research, the R&D team at H&R Johnson created an incredible antimicrobial compound, a feat of patented scientific achievement available for many industries. Using this technology, we had (much before the pandemic) developed an entire range of germ-free tiles and sanitary ware that is not only critical for use in hospitals, laboratories and public buildings, but now have a great consequence in our homes and offices. As we anticipate a post-pandemic world, we want to recognise that the fraternity of architects and designers will play a critical role in framing the vision for this future, re-imagining the way we interact as humans and use our spaces…public, private and sacred,” says Dinesh Vyas, spokesperson for H&R Johnson (India).

HR Johnson’s germ-free tiles are unparalleled and it not only takes care of the microbial but also keeps the aesthetic and decorative requirements of the office space uncompromised. In comparison with other products for surface coverings, H&R Johnson’s germ-free tiles are superior impervious alternatives not only on the basis of being antimicrobial but also due to the long service life, scratch, wear and moisture resistance, and easy to clean. “The awareness about health and hygiene is at a peak and people are looking for products that promote cleanliness and hygiene. We are all set to collaborate with Indian manufactures to make internationally acclaimed high-quality, proven germ-free surfaces, let it be paint, plastic or fabric to make safer materials that resist bacteria and viruses in a more efficient and environment-friendly way,” Vyas says.