Beating Plastic Pollution, Where Does India Stand Globally?

World Environment Day 2023: Social enterprises in India are taking proactive measures toward eradicating plastic waste and promoting environmentally sustainable practices by endorsing eco-friendly alternatives

By Ananth Aravamudan 05/06/2023

India’s Solid Waste Is A Collective Challenge

World Environment Day 2023: India can transform its massive waste problem into an engine of energy, economy, and empowerment

By Gayatri Divecha 05/06/2023

The Last Straw: Battling Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2023: Although, plastic is becoming socially unacceptable, tackling this issue still seems far from reality  

By Sudhir Mishra 05/06/2023

Circular Economy: A Roadmap To Reducing Plastic Pollution

World Environment Day 2023: The transition to a ``refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, recycle” model could keep resources in use longer, reduce waste generation and mitigate the adverse effects of plastics

By Paul Abraham 05/06/2023

Building A Cleaner Nation

World Environment Day 2023: Fortunately, we know how to solve the plastic crisis. The solution doesn’t involve costly high tech or impossible international diplomacy. Every nation can act, without looking over the shoulder asking what others are doing

By Erik Solheim 05/06/2023

The Plastic Paradox

Most of the focus is on treating plastic waste as a management problem, but it is equally important to regulate the supply and consumption of raw materials in manufacturing

By Atin Biswas 31/05/2023

Fixing Plastic Pollution

The World Environment Day campaign #BeatPlasticPollution requires proactive action from all stakeholders—governments, industry bodies, businesses and common citizens—for the health of people and the planet

By Shailaja Tripathi 31/05/2023