Biogas Can Cut India’s Fossil Fuel Use

Compressed biogas emerges as a promising solution to cut fossil fuel dependence, manage waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By Outlook Planet Desk 28/10/2023

Why Should An Investor Look At The Biofuel Segment Currently? 

Governments are providing substantial support and incentives to encourage biofuel development and adoption. These incentives include subsidies, tax credits, and grants, which not only attract investors but also create a favourable regulatory environment

By Kishan Karunakaran 17/10/2023

Green Gold: £2,755 Crore Boost for India's Biogas Sector

The success of this year's expo has fuelled positivity in the industry, with IBA President A R Shukla emphasising the sector's potential to achieve energy self-sufficiency and pave the way to replace fossil fuels with appropriate governmental support.

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/10/2023

India's Net Zero Emissions Target Little Too Long-Term: Hardeep Puri

India is moving fast towards energy transition and stated that for GAIL, BPCL and others the energy transition target is 2035 to 2040, said the minister

By PTI 09/10/2023

Energy Transition To Biofuels To Help Businesses Become ESG Friendly

The substitution of coal and diesel with eco-friendly biofuels reduces the emission of harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment and contribute to global warming

By Ashvin Patil 26/09/2023

BIS Developing Standards On Green Diesel

Currently, about 98 per cent of the fuel requirement in India for the transportation sector is met by fossil fuels and the remaining 2 per cent by biofuels

By PTI 26/09/2023

KRIBHCO To Set Up Grain-Based Ethanol Plants In Gujarat, Telangana, Andhra

KRIBHCO forms a 100 per cent owned Special Purpose Vehicle called KRIBHCO Green Energy Private Limited for setting up the projects

By PTI 25/09/2023

Ambitions For Climate Action Must Be Matched With Actions On Climate Finance: PM Modi

The G20 2023 action plan on accelerating progress on SDGs will spearhead the future direction of the G20 towards implementing them, he said

By PTI 07/09/2023

US blocks Indian Draft Resolution On Biofuels At MEPC

India's draft resolution put forward a biofuel that is certified by the International Certification Scheme to confirm the sustainability aspects in the Life Cycle Assessment guidelines are being assigned a CO2 emission conversion factor as zero

By K Praveen Kumar 04/07/2023

Indian Airlines To Join Global Climate Action In 2027

India is not participating in the voluntary phases of Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) between 2021 and 2026

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/04/2023