Thermax Bags Rs 500 Cr Order; To Ramp Up R&D Spends To Highest-Ever

The bio-CNG plants will be set up in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh

By PTI 13/12/2023

India Invites Global South To Join Biofuel Alliance

A global alliance for promoting biofuels was launched at the Group of 20 leaders meeting in September with a view to reducing emissions in the transportation and industrial sectors

By PTI 18/11/2023

Punjab Power Minister Seeks Viable Gap Funding For Biomass-Fuelled Plants

The total cost of conventional power with the cost of RE certificates for RPO compliance is much lower than the tariff of biomass power plants

By PTI 07/11/2023

IIT Researchers Develop Food Products From Tea Factory Waste

These value-added products not only enhance the economic viability of tea cultivation but also encourages sustainable practices by reducing waste and promoting resource efficiency

By PTI 14/09/2023

Govt Unveils Green Hydrogen Norms

The government notifies the Green Hydrogen Standards for India, and includes electrolysis and biomass-based methods in its definition

By PTI 20/08/2023

Bioenergy For Sustainable Development

The workshop highlighted the procedures employed by various types of bioenergy plants across the nation

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/05/2023

In FY 22-23,  India Produced Significantly More Clean, Renewable Energy

The majority of this renewable energy was made up of wind and solar

By Outlook Planet Desk 05/05/2023

Govt Committed To Biomass Co-Firing Policy As It Curbs Pollution, Generates Income: Krishan Pal Gurjar

A significant step towards lowering emissions from the power sector is the biomass co-firing policy

By PTI 24/03/2023

Power Ministry Mandates 40% Renewable Purchase Obligation For New Coal, Lignite-Based Thermal Plants

New coal- or lignite-based thermal plants must install renewable energy capacity equal to at least 40% of their capacity, or acquire that much green energy under a renewable purchase requirement, according to a directive from the Ministry of Electricity

By PTI 07/03/2023

Biomass Market In India Expected To Reach Rs 32,000 Cr By FY31: Report

According to a research, the Indian biomass market is anticipated to reach Rs 32,000 crore by FY2030-31 due to government initiatives and investments from international green energy businesses

By PTI 28/02/2023