Women’s Empowerment Calls For Holistic Approach

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, Outlook Planet looks at why India is likely to miss the target for contraceptive use under SDG 3 for health despite an increase in the use of modern contraceptives for family planning

By Poonam Muttreja 08/03/2023

Under-Nutrition In India: What Vitamin Angels Is Doing To Overcome The Challenges

Currently, under Mission Poshan 2.0 the organization is providing technical assistance to state governments in improving their supply-chains, and hence procurement, access and administration of Vitamin A and Deworming doses to under-5 children.

By Sunish Jauhari 14/03/2022

Nurtured And Nourished Minds Are More Productive, Start Early And Sustain Through Lifecourse

Science shows that malnutrition in early life, often manifested in form of stunting, is associated with adverse consequences in later life for morbidity and mortality, non-communicable diseases, learning capacity and productivity.

By Dr Shweta Khandelwal 18/09/2021

Importance Of Right Nutrition At The Right Age

The world over, a startling number of children is developing health problems, allergies and lifestyle disorders as a result of an unhealthy diet.

By Shauravi Malik 23/09/2021

Poshan 2.0: Identify And Hospitalize Severely Malnourished Children, Center Tells States

The Ministry for Women and Child Development also asks states to set up Poshan Vatikas and promote Yoga 

By Prakash Kumar 19/02/2021

In These Troubled Times, The Tough Get Going

These Poshan Champions use a simple instrument, the cellphone, to help pregnant and lactating women

By Namita Wadhwa 01/02/2021

Nutrition In The Context Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In India

Here are 6 steps the government must take to ensure that the nutrition needs of vulnerable women and children are not compromised by the pandemic and its fallout.

By Dr Yasmin Ali Haque 10/06/2020

Countries Failing To Stop Harmful Marketing Of Breast-Milk Substitutes, Warn WHO And UNICEF

Agencies encourage women to continue to breastfeed during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Outlook Planet Desk 05/06/2020

Can This Diet Reduce ‘Bad’ Cholesterol In Kids?

A study shows that exercise, less screen time, and some dietary intervention could decrease LDL cholesterol concentration in primary school children.

By IANS 02/06/2020