Election Results In India, US To Influence Climate Action

Sustainability Trends 2024: Sustainability is not going to be merely a buzzword but a strategic imperative that will span political, economic, and social dimensions

By Prabodha Acharya 09/01/2024

EVs Rev Up Globally In 2023

EV adoption accelerated in developing economies riding low-cost models

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/12/2023

Planet Teeters On Brink As Carbon Emissions Skyrocket

COP 28: The world is in a dangerous race against time as the 1.5-degree Paris climate target spins out of reach, and even the more modest 2-degree mark appears increasingly tough to achieve

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/12/2023

As India Threatens Retaliation, European Commission Says Preventing Carbon Leakage Sole Aim Of CBAM

European Commissioner Wopke Hoekstra made this statement at a press conference at the UN climate talks here, even as India's Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal threatened retaliatory action at an event in New Delhi

By PTI 09/12/2023

Report Forecasts 380 GW Of Offshore Power By 2032

The report also sounds a note of caution, predicting potential bottlenecks in every region, except China, by 2026

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/10/2023

Shift To Renewables Causes Over 4 Lakh Layoff In Global Coal Industry: Report

Close to ten lakh coal-mining jobs will cease to exist at operating mines given the foreseeable closures of coal facilities, potentially laying off more than one-third of the existing workforce, according to Global Energy Monitor

By PTI 10/10/2023

India's Per Capita Emissions Up By 29 Per Cent In 7 Years: Report

India's plans to ramp up renewable energy seem to align well with the COP28 president's call for tripling renewables by 2030, says a new report

By PTI 06/09/2023

Animal-Based Foods Contribute More To Global Warming

Beef and dairy contributed 32 per cent and 46 per cent of the increase in global animal-based emissions

By PTI 16/06/2023

G7 Calls On Major Economies To Go Net Zero By 2050, Let Emissions Peak By 2025

The "Global Carbon Budget Report - 2022" states more than half of the world's CO2 emissions in 2021 were from three places -- China (31 per cent), the US (14 per cent), and the European Union (eight per cent)

By PTI 21/05/2023

What China's Wandering Elephants Tell Us

Opinions are divided on why a herd of elephants chose to travel far from their known home range and puts the spotlight back on dwindling forest habitats

By Ananda Banerjee 06/08/2021