Locally Sourced And Seasonal Ingredients Gain Traction Among Consumers

The sustainable packaged food sector in India is evolving rapidly to meet the changing preferences of eco-conscious consumers. These trends reflect a growing awareness of the environmental and health impacts of food choices, driving innovation and positive...

By Ishit Saurabh Pilani 03/10/2023

Adopting Dope Dyeing For Sustainable Fashion

Dope dyeing technique reduces water and energy consumption during the dyeing process, significantly lowering the environmental impact of textile production

By Senthil Sankar 04/09/2023

FSSAI To Study Non-Sugar Sweeteners From Indian Perspective

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is already working to decide the "threshold limit" for sugar, salt and fats

By PTI 07/07/2023

FSSAI’s Recent Regulations For Consumer-Packaged Foods Are Promising

Recently launched Health Star Rating system can be made more effective and reliable with the support of the existing Nutrition Fact Table.

By Mitul Thapliyal 20/07/2022