Climate Change Can Lead To More Zoonotic And Waterborne Diseases

As temperatures go up, the risk of hurt from heat becomes higher. The way diseases spread might also change

By PTI 10/08/2023

Dettol Launches New Campaign To Facilitate Children Inquisitiveness 

Children are naturally inquisitive and need to be able to explore the world even if that means getting messy, says the company

By PTI 17/05/2023

World Bank Approves $82 Million for Prevention of Zoonotic, Endemic Diseases in India

The Animal Health System Support for One Health Programme will support India’s Livestock Health and Disease Control Programme, which seeks to control animal diseases and zoonoses

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/05/2023

Why You Should Not Cut Down On Carbs: Befriending Prebiotics

From breast milk to whole grains, here are some common resources of prebiotics and their health benefits

By Ankita Mondal 09/05/2021