Chances Of Temperature To Exceed 1.5°C During 2023-2027 Increase

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that climate-related risks for natural and human systems are higher for global warming of 1.5 °C than at present, but lower than at 2 °C

By Outlook Planet Desk 18/05/2023

Earth Day 2023: The Key Is To Understand The Interconnectedness Between Humans And The Planet: Dia Mirza

The IPCC has indicated that urgent climate action that we take right now can secure our planet and provide a liveable future for our children

By Dia Mirza 22/04/2023

There Is Not Enough Climate Related Action: Bhumi Pednekar 

The government must push for regulation that is sustainable development focused and the incentives to go sustainable need to be provided and communicated widely

By Naina Gautam 15/04/2023

Planet Warming Methane Creates Cooling Clouds, Too, To Offset Heat: New Study

Methane remains a potent contributor to global warming, and efforts to reduce methane emissions are vital for keeping global warming well below 2 degrees celsius above pre-industrial values 

By PTI 27/03/2023

Assessing Business Risks Due to Climate Change

No one is immune to the risks caused by climate change, not even corporations who presumably have full-fledged business plans. Let’s take this opportunity to look at what businesses can do to better assess and manage climate change risks.

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/10/2021

When Heat And Flood Plays Havoc

The climate crisis is raising its ugly head as heatwaves, wildfires and sudden flooding wreak havoc with the loss of lives and livelihood. Climate scientists fear the worst is yet to come with far greater intensity from what has been projected till date.

By Ananda Banerjee 06/08/2021