Jeep Evaluates EV Market In India

For the next generation products, the company is looking at 40 per cent higher localisation from the current level of 70 per cent

By PTI 18/09/2023

Battery Rejuvenation Key To Enabling Circular Economy

Lead-acid batteries, commonly used in EVs, tend to deteriorate over time, leading to reduced capacity and performance. Battery rejuvenation aims to reverse this degradation by restoring the battery to a state close to its original condition

By Kavinder Khurana 18/09/2023

Switch Mobility Unveils 2 New E-LCVs

The series of vehicles, named IeV, are the country's first electric commercial vehicles produced by Switch Mobility and aims to provide efficient and eco-friendly solutions for last-mile transportation needs

By PTI 08/09/2023

India's Capacity Addition In Renewables One Of The Fastest In The World: R K Singh

India's cost of making renewable energy and the cost of producing green hydrogen will be one of the lowest in the world, says Power Minister R K Singh

By PTI 06/09/2023

EV Industry To Get Government Support: PM's Advisor

The total cost of ownership of an EV will give saving for whole life and the industry should hammer on this point while selling these vehicles

By PTI 06/06/2023

Uber Forges Partnerships With EV Makers To Facilitate Sustainable Mobility

Uber has more than tripled the number of electric vehicles on the platform and connected 31 million unique riders with a ride in an electric vehicle in 2022

By PTI 24/05/2023

Himachal Sets Up Green Mobility Committee

The committee would develop a sustainable mobility plan with enhanced uptake of electric vehicles

By PTI 13/04/2023

Sustainability Trends: What to Expect in the Coming Years

As India struggles with the challenges of economic growth, industrialisation, and rising urbanisation, sustainability is becoming a crucial issue

By Angelo George 28/02/2023