HP Govt Signs Agreement With HLC Green Energy

More than Rs 4,000 crore will be invested in the project, and it will also provide work opportunities to many

By PTI 28/03/2023

 There Are Feasible Low-Cost Adaptation Options Available: IPCC Report

The latest report makes a case for low-cost transition and meaningful choices reduce GHG emissions 

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/03/2023

Those At Risk Have Made The Smallest Contributions To Climate Change: IPCC Report 

Though a recap of main findings from previous IPCC reports, the latest Synthesis Report also looks ahead, outlines policies and measures to curtail GHG emissions 

By Shailaja Tripathi 20/03/2023

Indian Marine Sector's Carbon Emissions Are Lower Than The Global Average: CMFRI

According to studies conducted by the ICAR-CMFRI to analyse the carbon footprint of India's marine fisheries, the industry emits 1.32 tonnes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) for every tonne of fish produced, which is less than the average global emission of more than...

By PTI 13/03/2023

US federal agency funds methane capture project India

In order to conduct a feasibility assessment for the construction of a coal mine methane (CMM) recovery facility in the Jharia coalfield in Jharkhand, a federal US agency has authorised grant financing

By PTI 10/03/2023

Renewable subsidies, higher tariffs on coal to result in lower emissions in India by 2030: Study

According to a study conducted by two IMF economists, combining subsidies for renewable energy with higher coal tariffs will reduce emissions by over one-third in India by 2030 compared to the existing policy

By PTI 08/03/2023

135 Million Tonnes Of Methane Released Into The Atmosphere By The Energy Sector In 2022: Study

According to the IEA's Global Methane Tracker, the oil and gas industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still making a sizeable profit from the energy crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/02/2023

India is leading the G20 nations in terms of climate performance: Study

In this study, the mitigation efforts of the G20 countries, which account for around 80 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, have been assessed

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/02/2023

Valentine's Day: Make First Move Towards Eco-Friendly Sex 

Zero waste sex, vegan condoms, natural aphrodisiacs and water-soluble lubricants are some choices available to consumers when it comes to eco-friendly sex products   

By Naina Gautam 14/02/2023

India Becoming A More Popular Destination For Investments In Renewable Energy

The survey observed that the country has already achieved its NDC targets of 40% installed non-fossil fuel electric capacity

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/01/2023