Education and Healthcare Are Most Preferred Social Causes For CSR By Firms 

A recently published paper shows interesting patterns related to CSR patterns and strategies chosen by companies

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/04/2023

Focus On Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security At G20 Deputies Meeting

The G20 agricultural working group's three-day conference of agricultural deputies concluded with participants reviewing a range of topics, including climate-smart nutrition, food security, and sustainable agriculture

By PTI 01/04/2023

Hunger Study Predicts 168,000 Pandemic-Linked Child Deaths

Before the pandemic, the number of stunted children declined globally each year, from 199.5 million in 2000 to 144 million in 2019.

By Associated Press (AP) 15/12/2020

The Numbers Game: Family Health Survey Reflects Nutrition Paradox

As 2020 comes to a close, here's some facts and figures on how India and the world are performing on food and nutrition security.

By Raadhika Gupta 14/12/2020

‘Hunger Rates Are Sky-Rocketing Around The World’

A new report has found global hunger and population displacement could surge as people on the move and those reliant on a dwindling flow of remittances desperately seek work to support their families.

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/11/2020

Global Hunger Index 2020: India Ranks 94 Out Of 107 Countries, Under ‘Serious’ Category

The Global Hunger Report report gives India a score of 27.2, which puts it in the 'serious category'

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/10/2020

Empowering Adolescents For Battling Anemia With Several Programmes, Collective Initiatives

More than 3 out of 10 women aged between 20 to 24 die during childbirth in India due to anemia

By Shrirupa Sengupta 30/09/2020

Why Reviving Midday Meals Is A Must

Over 9.12 crore underprivileged children get their daily nutrition from the midday-meal scheme, which has been disrupted by the pandemic.

By Anjula Gurtoo 17/09/2020

Tackling Severe Acute Malnourishment During COVID-19

Plaguing us for decades, malnourishment has severely escalated due to the ongoing pandemic, putting thousands of migrants, women and children in danger

By Dr. Basanti Baroova 29/08/2020

Is The Food On Your Table Safe To Eat?

On World Food Safety Day, it is important to remember that unsafe food practices claim approximately 4,20,000 lives annually across the world. According to the World Health Organisation, 1 out of 10 people fall ill after consuming contaminated food worldwide...

By Arshi Khanam 07/06/2020