Over 95% Of People Have Access To Drinkable Water In Rural Areas: Report

With improved latrine, hand washing facilities and access to drinking water, the new findings indicate progress towards SDG 6

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/03/2023

Did You WASH Your Hands Today?

Handwashing with soap can prevent thousands of children under 5 from dying needlessly. Here’s how you can help

By Ramananda Sengupta 30/03/2021

Beat Diarrhoea With Nutrition And Hygiene

Diarrhoea, which often leads to malnutrition, can be controlled with proper diet and nutrition, while promoting hygienic habits can lower the morbidity rate

By Jheelum Basu 09/02/2021

Goodbye Handshake, Hello Namaste

Why Doctors Are Campaigning For The No-Touch Greeting And Why You Need To Remember Good Nutrition Begins With Hand Hygiene

By Damayanti Datta 23/12/2019