Holistic Approach Needed To Realise "One Earth, One Health" Vision: Mandaviya

The global pandemic has demonstrated that no country is immune from adverse developments in any country, and also that our actions impact the health and wellbeing of our eco-system

By PTI 15/03/2023

India To Miss Half Of Health SDG Indicators At Current Pace: The Lancet

Three-fourths of districts are off target for crucial SDG indicators like access to basic services, poverty, stunting and wasting of children, anaemia, child marriage, partner violence, tobacco use, and modern contraceptive use

By PTI 27/02/2023

No Big Surprises In Family Health Survey, Feel Experts

The partial survey of 18 state and 5 union territories show a rise in infant malnutrition, and decline in infant mortality

By Lola Nayar 14/12/2020

Study Reveals 70 Per Cent Of Urban India Suffers Mental Health Ailments

Nearly 57% Indians consider financial pressures to be the leading cause of negative impact on mental health

By PTI 14/12/2020