COP28: Charting The Path To Global Climate Resilience And Adaptation

The consequences of the climate crisis are already wreaking havoc in many parts of the world, particularly among nations lacking the financial means to transition to low-carbon economic models

By Manish Dabkara 04/11/2023

India Takes A Leap Towards Sustainable Living With Green Credits And Ecomark Initiatives

The Ministry of Environment launches programmes to reward environmental stewardship and promote eco-conscious consumer choices aligned with sustainability development goals

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/10/2023

Carbon Farming Key To Sustainable Agriculture 

Incubators have an important role with start-ups in raising awareness about carbon farming, and quantifying the carbon savings of their products

By Ananth Aravamudan 09/10/2023

New Initiative Aims To Raise $1 Billion To Plant Trees Across Eastern Himalayas

The Great People's Forest of the Eastern Himalayas initiative has been launched in keeping with the G20 theme of ‘One Earth, One family, One future’

By Outlook Planet Desk 04/09/2023

India Tops The List Of The Five Countries With The Highest Number Of Preterm Births 

More than one in five deaths that occur before the age of five are caused by premature birth

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/05/2023

Making Indian Agriculture Future-Ready 

The National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, scientific warehousing and deployment of drone technologies need to be promoted and facilitated for small scale farmers, too

By Neelam Gupta 23/04/2023

Rich Countries Need To Make More Emission Cuts To Reach Net Zero By 2050: Bhupinder Yadav

There is an urgent need for greater action to deal with the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution

By PTI 15/04/2023

Only 27% Of The Money For The "Climate Change Action Plan" Used By The Ministry

The Parliamentary Standing Committee advised the Ministry to act swiftly, decisively, and forcefully to guarantee that the monies allocated under these heads were used to the fullest extent possible

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/03/2023

If We Care About Our Children, Then We Need To Move To Green Energy Options Immediately

2021 will mark four years since the initial deadline to bring toxic air emissions under control. Thermal Coal-fired Power Plants in India have sought several extensions till date and are not adhering to the new standards.

By Shweta Narayan 27/09/2021

National Marine Turtle Action Plan launched.

Considering the need to have a conservation paradigm for marine mega fauna and marine turtles, the Ministry of Environment Forest and Climate Change (MoEF&CC) has released ‘Marine Mega Fauna Stranding Guidelines’ and ‘National Marine Turtle Action...

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/01/2021