Training Programme On ‘Poshan Tracker & Height/Weight Measurement’ 

Poshan Tracker is an app that Anganwadi workers (AWWs) can use to track the activities and service delivery of Anganwadi Centres (AWCs)

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/06/2023

Poshan Abhiyaan: Empowering Communities For Healthier And Nourished India

Poshan Abhiyaan, which was initiated in 2018 to address the issue of malnutrition, has come a long way

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/05/2023

Consistent Improvement In Maternal Health Indicators

India has succeeded in reducing its maternal mortality ratio (MMR), marking an important milestone 

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/04/2023

To Eradicate Malnutrition, We Must Start At The Grassroots

The various factors that contribute to malnutrition cannot be tackled by health professionals alone

By Dr. Angela Chaudhuri 20/03/2021

Budget Slots Rs 20,105 Crore For Mission Poshan 2.0

The existing Supplementary Nutrition Programme (SNP) and the Poshan Abhiyan will be merged to formulate the new umbrella programme, Poshan 2.0, to combat malnutrition more effectively.

By Prakash Kumar 02/02/2021

Healthy Eating Habits For Adolescence Nutrition

POSHAN Abhiyaan also aims to reduce stunting (height-to-age ratio) by 2 per cent each year.

By Dr. Vidya Thobbi 30/09/2020

Virtual Conference On Nutrition Research Mulls Fresh Interventions

The conference organised by IFPRI and 19 co-hosts focused on evidence-based insights to further nutrition goals

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/09/2020

The Hourglass Phenomena

Just as in an hourglass all the grains of sand trickling down can settle at different places, a convergence across various nutrition streams can yield multiple benefits

By Dr Alok Ranjan 18/08/2020

A Commitment To Nutrition:Act Now!

A diverse group of nutrition stakeholders have joined hands to ensure that COVID-19 does not derail the government’s malnutrition programmes

By Pratima Mathews 06/08/2020

Nutrition In The Context Of The COVID-19 Pandemic In India

Here are 6 steps the government must take to ensure that the nutrition needs of vulnerable women and children are not compromised by the pandemic and its fallout.

By Dr Yasmin Ali Haque 10/06/2020