Railway Ministry To Educate People To Use Bio-Toilets

It has planned an extensive awareness campaign to be carried out through digital media or public announcement systems to educate people about the use of bio-toilets, avoiding single-use plastic and observing cleanliness habits

By PTI 16/09/2023

Sanitation Worker Invited As A Chief Guest On Independence Day     

This is the first instance a female sanitary worker was invited as a chief guest in the state

By Palak Ratra 16/08/2023

Public Toilets Pioneer Bindeshwar Pathak Passes Away

Through his determined advocacy and innovative initiatives, Pathak successfully raised awareness about the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene, contributing significantly to disease prevention and improved public health

By PTI 16/08/2023

World Water Day: Do you know the real value of water?

Access to clean and safe usable water is a fundamental human right. Yet billions are denied access to it. Let's find out why.

By Jheelum Basu 21/03/2021

How Hygiene, Sanitation And Potable Water Impact Nutrition

Nutrition is not just about a proper diet. Here’s how lack of proper hygiene, sanitation and safe drinking water can undermine any nutrition program.

By Jheelum Basu 12/03/2021

Stunting And Sanitation In India: More Questions Than Answers

The link between open defecation (OD) and stunting has been well-established in literature on the subject

By Payal Seth 03/02/2021

Re-imagining A Malnutrition-free India

For a country where almost 36% children are underweight, 50% women are anemic already, a rapid call to action and re-shaping system is a big fish to fry. How do we do it?

By Prapti Adhikari Dr Archana Kharyal 24/07/2020

Strong Connect Between Sanitation And Health

It is important to prioritize better toilets and washing facilities in schools and homes, and to provide accurate information around menstruation, to ensure right to education, equality and well-being for girls

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/03/2020

No Country For Children

Forty per cent Indians are between age 1 and 18. But who cares, anyway? The just-released Child Well-Being Index shows how India has failed its children

By Damayanti Datta 28/08/2019

Reshma Shankar Dhote, A Nutrition Warrior

Here’s the story of a woman who transformed the nutrition profile of her village Bihali in Maharashtra

By Charupadma Pati 14/05/2020