Diabetic? Here's A Diet For You

Here are some tips for people with diabetes to help control your blood sugar levels and thus reduce your insulin and medicine intake over time.

By Bipasha Das 29/11/2020

Want To Avoid Trans Fats In Your Food? Here's How

Read the nutrition facts /food labels carefully: avoid those that have ‘hydrogenated oils’, ‘partially hydrogenated oils’ or ‘shortenings’ in the ingredients list

By Dr Meghana Pasi 18/09/2020

Cure Metabolic Syndrome Disease Without Medicine

A good diet is the key to everything. Here is an inspiring story by Satyendra Garg on his battle with a deadly disease without medications.

By Satyendra Garg 21/08/2020

Nuts For Life!

Are you among those who constantly crave for nuts? Here are some 'brow-raisin' facts about nuts and their benefits you need to know.

By Arshi Khanam 13/08/2020

The Great Statin Con Job

‘I have a grudge against the doctors who prescribed statins way back in 1998. Clearly these were unnecessary, if not harmful’

By Satyendra Garg 05/08/2020

Are Samosas Chasing You?

'Samosas and other snacks will always follow you. The only way to stop indulging in them is to understand how foods cooked in polyunsaturated vegetable oils --sometimes with dangerous trans fats-- can have deadly consequences on your health..'

By Satyendra Garg 02/12/2020

Could Saturated Fat Actually Be Good For You?

An author's tryst with saturated fats defies conventional medical thinking, and suggests that we may have been very wrong about this much vilified fat

By Satyendra Garg 11/07/2020