It Is Important To Get The Ecosystem Data That Is Verifiable: Dun and Bradstreet CEO Avinash Gupta

Avinash Gupta, Managing Director and CEO, Dun and Bradstreet and Hitesh Sethi, Head of Analytics and Business Advisory, Dun and Bradstreet talks about the quality of their data, frameworks and processes

By Rajiv Tikoo 21/10/2022

SEBI Well-Positioned To Give A Push To Circular Economy In India

To balance the shortfalls of fast-paced urbanization, industrialization, growing population, pollution and climate change, the country’s expeditious movement in the direction of a circular economy is unequivocal

By Namita Vikas 29/09/2022

End-To-End Product For ESG Solutions Introduced For PSUs 

Product lays down action-oriented road map for government and private sector companies for undertaking compliances 

By Naina Gautam 29/07/2022