Unlocking The Potential Of PPPs In Addressing Nutritional Gaps In India

As the nation progresses towards a healthier future, collaborative efforts between the public and private sectors will lay out a powerful strategy to bridge the nutrition gap

By Himanshu Bakshi 06/10/2023

Undernutrition In India Big Concern, Urgent Attention Needed: Experts

According to the Global Food Policy Report (GFPR) 2023, published this week by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), there were 768 million undernourished people worldwide in 2021, up 34.2% from the anticipated 572 million in 2014

By PTI 22/06/2023

Undernutrition Can Exacerbate Severity Of Malaria

Sustainable control of malaria can help improve nutritional status of endemic communities.

By Jyotirmoy Nandi 13/08/2022

Bettable Ideas For Healthy Lives

Ushering in behaviour change to reduce undernutrition, hidden hunger and non-communicable diseases can help build back a healthier nation

By Swati Saxena 28/06/2022

Under-Nutrition In India: What Vitamin Angels Is Doing To Overcome The Challenges

Currently, under Mission Poshan 2.0 the organization is providing technical assistance to state governments in improving their supply-chains, and hence procurement, access and administration of Vitamin A and Deworming doses to under-5 children.

By Sunish Jauhari 14/03/2022

Anemia: Consequence Of Intergenerational Malnutrition

A UNICEF report states that over 80 percent of adolescents suffer from ‘hidden hunger’. The goal is to meet the intergenerational nutrition gap through various Government schemes

By Santanu Mishra 19/04/2021

First 1000 Days Of Life A ‘Window Of Opportunity’  

A focused, targeted approach needed to reach pregnant women and infants, who are at ‘high risk’ of undernutrition.

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/02/2021