Budget 2023-24: Boosting Demand For EVs

The demand for EVs is on the rise and the end consumer is more accepting of the technology

By Dr. Amitabh Saran 04/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Green Credit Programme Affirms Commitment to Green Growth

The Green Credit Programme, which was introduced in the Budget, would increase energy and resource usage efficiency and promote environmental conservation, among other things, in order to assist mitigate climate change and strengthen adaptive capacity

By Manish Dabkara 04/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Towards Making India The Powerhouse Of Agriculture

The Budget focuses on strengthening the sector financially through funding, better infrastructure, climate-smart technology and an ecosystem that fosters productivity and employability

By Shashi Kant Singh 04/02/2023

Sowing Tech Enabled Growth In Agriculture

Focusing on accelerating the growth of the sector in the future, the Budget focuses on research and technologies

By Naina Gautam 04/02/2023

Budget 2023:24: Laying down blueprint for sustainable, inclusive and green India 

The forward-looking measures in the budget will further strengthen India’s position as a global climate leader, and the focus on youth, technology and innovation, and sustainability will drive the achievement of a green future for us all

By Anjali Bansal 03/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Accelerating Digitisation In Indian Agriculture

The Finance Minister has done a great job in building a policy framework driving the digitisation of agricultural supply chain and benefiting farmers and the supply chain members in multiple ways 

By Hemendra Mathur 02/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Creating An Enabling Ecosystem For Green Growth

The Budget supports cost effective solutions to ensure round the clock power supply from renewable resources and usher in stability for the grid

By Amit Jain 02/02/2023

Budget 2023-2024: Catalysing Green Growth 

The Green Credit programme is expected to channel the much-needed capital to support transition to a sustainable economy 

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Green Growth Gets Much Needed Push

A slew of measures have been announced for energy intensive sectors like agriculture, transportation, housing and infrastructure and manufacturing

By Inderjeet Singh 01/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Agriculture Credit Target Hiked To Rs 20 lakh

Launch of 'Aatmanirbhar Clean Plant Programme' to boost availability of disease-free, quality planting material for high value horticultural crops

By PTI 01/02/2023