Nurturing Water Systems

New initiatives ranging from rejuvenating water bodies, protecting and managing groundwater, and reviving wetland ecosystems are expected to nudge actions towards reviving river ecosystems

By Debolina Kundu 15/01/2024

Mahindra Susten Gets Water Positive Certification

The company initiated a mission to reduce water consumption without compromising the efficiency of solar power plants, thereby addressing the water footprint of the sector

By Outlook Planet Desk 12/01/2024

Unveiling The Ecological Benefits Of Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated construction paves the way for a more sustainable and efficient construction industry that safeguards our planet for generations to come

By Nikhil Bothra 04/12/2023

Airtel Payments Bank Launches Eco- Friendly Debit Cards

The debit cards will come in r-PVC material, a certified eco-friendly material. With adoption of this eco-friendly material, Airtel Payments Bank will make a significant impact on environmental preservation

By PTI 10/08/2023

Infosys Releases Its ESG report 

The report summarises the developments since the company's ESG Vision 2030 was first presented

By Outlook Planet Desk 09/06/2023

Technology Can Offer Practical Answers To Deal With Water Scarcity

We can significantly contribute to the preservation of our planet's precious water resources by implementing water-centric solutions like intelligent irrigation, low-flow fixtures, and greywater systems

By Anupam Vikram Joshi 06/05/2023

World Water Day: 11.5 Cr Households Now Have Tap Water Connections, 1.5 Lakh Villages Potable Water Supply: Govt Data

According to data as of March 21, piped water delivery to schools, anganwadi centres, and aspirational areas had increased dramatically

By PTI 22/03/2023

World Water Day: Overcoming Water Crisis With Water Credits

To incentivise water conservation initiatives, the idea of "water credit," similar to "carbon credit," could be introduced

By Angelo George 22/03/2023

Bottled Water Can Slow Progress To Achieve SDGs: UN

The report argues that while progress toward universal access to safe drinking water for all is significantly off-track, the expansion of bottled water markets slows this progress down, distracting attention and resources from accelerated public water supply...

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/03/2023

At UN, island nation of Palau speaks to interconnected world

As one of the smallest countries on earth, the Pacific island nation of Palau doesn't always get to command the world's attention.

By Jennifer Peltz 24/09/2020