Of Conflict, Compensation And Coexistence : Living With Elephants In Bengal

How community dynamics and religious beliefs influence efficacy of a wildlife compensation programme.

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/09/2021

How To Identify Owls In Illegal Wildlife Trade This International Owl Awareness Day

Owls in India are victims of superstitious beliefs and rituals often promoted amongst the unsuspecting public by local mystic practitioners

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/08/2021

Human-wildlife Conflict Is One Of The Greatest Threats To Wildlife: WWF /UNEP Report

A New Report says the problem is as much a development and humanitarian issue as a conservation concern and risks derailing the Sustainable Development Goals.

By Outlook Planet Desk 06/08/2021

The Warli and their Waghoba

Among the indigenous Warli of Maharashtra, sharing space and resources have built complex, robust and enduring relationships between the community and wildlife. The relationships manifest in the institution of Waghoba, the big cat deity.

By Outlook Planet Desk 20/08/2021

A Twist In The Tail: Animal World May Not Be Immune To Coronavirus Pandemic

The asymptomatic nature of COVID-19 transmission exposes millions of animals in captivity to human contact. And given the fact that the number of captive tigers in the US alone is between 5000 and 10,000 -- more than the number of tigers found in the wild

By Ananda Bannerjee 06/10/2020

Sundari Trees In Sundarban Delta Are Dying A Slow Death. Is Anyone Listening?

Sundari trees, after which the mangrove forest is named, are on the brink of extinction in West Bengal due to excessive logging in the past for its high value wood and now with seawater rise.

By Ananda Bannerjee 15/08/2020