Shailaja Tripathi


Fixing Plastic Pollution

The World Environment Day campaign #BeatPlasticPollution requires proactive action from all stakeholders—governments, industry bodies, businesses and common citizens—for the health of people and the planet

May 31, 2023

Overcoming Population Anxiety With Rights And Choices

Noting that there is rising population anxiety, UNFPA’s State of the World Population 2023 calls for radical rethinking to build demographic resilience

April 19, 2023

On Track To Be Energy Efficient

Delhi Metro became the first metro or railroad project in the world to be registered by the UN under its Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

April 07, 2023

The Rise Of Climate Change Literature 

Authors are addressing the issue of climate change through their books by exploring its impacts on society, offering solutions for mitigation and adaptation, and advocating for urgent action on this critical global issue 

April 01, 2023

Creating A New Vocabulary For Climate Change 

When art is said to be a reflection of society and times, how can artists, filmmakers, and theatre practitioners remain indifferent to the burning subject of global warming? 

March 25, 2023

Those At Risk Have Made The Smallest Contributions To Climate Change: IPCC Report 

Though a recap of main findings from previous IPCC reports, the latest Synthesis Report also looks ahead, outlines policies and measures to curtail GHG emissions 

March 20, 2023

Positive News for the EV Sector: Lithium Reserves Discovered

Due to its usage in the batteries for electric vehicles, which are quickly gaining popularity in light of climate change, lithium is a very sought-after element

February 10, 2023

Key Green Energy Measures likely to be unveiled At India Energy Week

Energy professionals from all over the world will engage in discussions on how India may improve the people-centricity, sustainability, and future-readiness of its energy transition

February 04, 2023

Budget 2023-24: Bridging Gaps In Healthcare And Nutrition

This year’s budget gives a fillip to healthcare and promotes millets

February 03, 2023

Budget 2023-24: Nurturing Green Growth

The Budget is a landmark first step towards Narendra Modi’s government’s commitment towards Net Zero by 2070

February 02, 2023