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Need To Re-Evaluate Pearl Millet Cultivation Amid Climate Change: Study


With climate change now a permanent reality, it is imperative to recalibrate the approach towards understanding and nurturing this vital crop for dryland communities, according to ICRISAT Director General Jacqueline Hughes

UK Minister Lauds India's Efforts In Millets


Under its G20 presidency, India has been flagging concerns of the Global South including in areas of food, fuel and fertiliser besides focusing on ensuring inclusive global growth, speedy implementation of the sustainable development goals (SDGs)...

APEDA Leads India’s Millet Mission

Outlook Planet Desk

An Export Promotion Forum (EPF) has been specially established to promote millets in the international market through sharing of knowledge and opportunities

Modi Lauds The Release Of Millets Song Will Help Popularising Millets

Outlook Planet Desk

The government has already taken many steps to promote millets, including allocation of coarse grains (millets) under PDS

Letter From Outlook

Millet Mantra To Address Malnutrition And Climate Change

Rajiv Tikoo

At the behest of India, the United Nations declared 2023 as the International Year of Millets. Earlier, India declared 2018 as the National Year for Millets. Apart from the Government of India, various State Governments, too, have launched their respective millet missions. Companies like Britannia, Hindustan Unilever, ITC, Nestle and Tata Soulfull, as well as thousands of start-ups and micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), too, are focusing more on millets.
The reasons are compelling. One of the first crops to be domesticated in India, millets are touted as the next super food owing to their high nutritional content of proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fibre and amino acids. Besides, millets are climate resilient for their low carbon and water footprint and can grow on poor soils with little inputs and withstand high temperatures. Millets have the potential to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ...
According to Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), millets are small seeded annual grasses that are grown as grain crops, primarily on marginal land in dry areas of temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions. Grown in more than 100 countries, millets are traditional foods of more than half a billion people. India accounts for more than 20 per cent of the global millet production today and it is set to increase in the future.
The Government’s and the private sector’s focus on millets to address the twin challenges of malnutrition and climate change sits well with the Outlook Group’s much acclaimed and multi-year initiative championing the cause of Poshan under the banner of recently relaunched Outlook Planet website. We are also committing ourselves to create an enabling ecosystem through our editorial initiative to accelerate India’s journey to eradicate malnutrition and catalyse climate action while supporting income generation of marginal farmers and entrepreneurs. Given the scale and severity of challenges, we invite all like-minded stakeholders to join hands.

– Rajiv Tikoo is Consulting Editor - Sustainability,
Outlook Group

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Millets To Be Served At White House State Dinner For PM Modi

Given that Prime Minister Modi is a vegetarian, First Lady Jill Biden invited Chef Nina Curtis, an expert in plant-based cuisine, to create a stunning vegetarian feast 

FM Asks NABARD To Help Farmers Shift To Less Water Intensive Crops

She also directed NABARD to encourage farmers to enhance the area covered under Millets, and to protect the returns of farmers who are already growing millets

U.P. Creates Millet Jaggery As A Healthy Substitute For Traditional Jaggery

This new form of jaggery would have a substantially higher mineral and vitamin content than traditional jaggery because it uses millets and coarse grains

UN Appreciates India's Efforts To Revive Millets

India has been strongly flagging the consequences of the Ukraine conflict on food, energy and fertilisers which have impacted  the developing countries

PM Modi Collaborates With Grammy-Winning Singer Falu For Song On Millets

On June 16, streaming providers will begin to offer the song "Abundance in Millets," performed by Mumbai-born singer-songwriter Falguni Shah and her husband, performer Gaurav Shah

Anantapur District Administration To Treble Jowar Output During Kharif Season

The first batch of millets, beginning with Ragi, was distributed through the Public Distribution System (PDS) from June 1 in the district

Millets And Sprouts Likely To Be Included In Midday Meals In Karnataka

In order to incorporate millets and sprouts into its mid-day meals, the state administration requested more than 11,000 tonnes of millets from the central government in March