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Regenerative Is In & Sustainability Out Among Gen Y & Z Consumers

Regeneration, which goes beyond sustainability by creating a more profound and broader socio-economic impact, is right now the hot new virtue among new-age consumers.

India's Fertiliser Turnover Set To Reach Rs 1.38 Cr By 2032

Driven by burgeoning demand and supportive government policies, the fertiliser industry in India is expanding rapidly in line with its position as the world's second-largest producer of fruits and vegetables, next to China

ICAR Signs Landmark Partnership For Natural Farming

The agreement to promote climate-friendly agricultural practices between ICAR and Dhanuka Agritech promises to give a powerful impetus to India's ongoing battle against global warming and its adverse fallout across the farming sector.

Study Questions Zero Budget Natural Farming for All

The study warns that promoting the practice may have adverse consequences and imperil India's food security

Agritech Startups Get A Push At The Startup Mahakumbh

The Agritech Pavilion, presented by NABARD and supported by Aavishkaar Group, became a focal point, hosting sessions designed to propel India's burgeoning agricultural sector

Agritech Market: Driving Change In Agriculture Through Technology

The agritech market is growing rapidly, driven by technological innovation, industry collaborations, and regulatory developments that make farming more efficient, productive, and sustainable

Agritech Pavilion To Celebrate Startups In Sunrise Sector

Over 1,000 high-growth startups, unicorns, investors, and incubators will assemble at the upcoming Startup Mahakhumbh, which will feature sector-specific pavilions, including an agritech booth with masterclasses and discussions on India's agritech potential

Ground-Breaking Agri Initiatives For Soil Health & Farmer Empowerment Launched

In a significant move for agriculture, Union Ministers Arjun Munda and Giriraj Singh inaugurated four key initiatives: fostering soil health, empowering farmers, and driving a cooperative-based India for a sustainable and prosperous future

Environmental Benefits Of Agritech Drones In Agriculture

Through precision farming enabled by agritech drones, farmers can optimise crop rotation and cover cropping strategies

Committed To Protect The Fragile Ecosystems

GASONET, a budding City Gas Distribution (CGD) company aims to revolutionise the use of natural gas in India’s energy mix. As we celebrate World Environment Day, Gasonet’s presence in these ecologically sensitive regions takes centre stage. In this exclusive interview, Nitin Tyagi, Executive Director at GASONET, sheds light on the company’s unique approach to integrating services, its impact on the environment, and its future plans.