Powering A Fossil Free World

Outlook Planet Desk September 04, 2023

The updated edition of Fossil Free by Sumant Sinha brings readers up to speed on the latest developments in India’s decarbonisation journey

Number Of Poor People in India Dropped By About 415 Million in 15 Years: UN

Ritu Jha January 03, 2023

India is an important case study on poverty reduction in all its dimensions

Riding High On Sustainability

L&T’s recent annual sustainability report proves that it is one of the very few Indian companies that engages with all the 17 SDGs

Shailja Tripathi March 03, 2022

Net-Zero Target Requires World To Modify High Emission Diets Like Beef And Lamb: McKinsey Report

According to the latest report by Mckinsey, to go net-zero would require a higher share of its GDP for India, which will be higher than the global average.

Shailja Tripathi January 25, 2022