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Union Minister Launches National Project For Health Of Tribal Students

The project aims to achieve the goal of a developed and fit India by making children healthy and will include medicinal plant gardens and traditional health practices

Rs 658 Crore Budget Approved For PM Poshan Scheme To Upgrade Mid-Day Meals

The State-Level Steering and Monitoring Committee for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme has approved a budget of Rs 658 crore for the PM Poshan Scheme for 2024–25. The scheme aims to upgrade mid-day meals and improve the nutritional status of primary school...

Anganwadi Workers In Maharashtra Win Protracted Battle For New Phones

The move will help the workers enter data accurately on the Poshan App for real-time monitoring of maternal and child nutritional outcomes

Danone India Launches New Product In Toddler Nutrition Category

The company has launched AptaGrow, a toddler nutrition range that aims to provide essential nutrients and support children's growth, brain development, and immunity between 3 and 6 years of age

Akshaya Patra’s New Kitchen To Serve Meals And Sustainability

Akshaya Patra's new kitchen in Panvel aims to go beyond serving nutritious mid-day meals and provide thousands of children hope, health, and education for a brighter future

Anganwadi Stir Paralyses Essential Services To 50 Lakh Beneficiaries

As a two-month-long anganwadi worker strike persists, pregnant women, lactating mothers, and children bear the brunt, facing a disruption in essential nutritional programmes impacting over 50 lakh individuals.

Poshan Innovation Platform To Nurture Solutions For A Healthier India

Bridging the gap between innovation and impact, the Poshan Innovation Platform tackles malnutrition and empowers mothers and children with accessible, life-changing solutions

Quadripartite Collaboration Launches Guide For National-Level One Health Implementation

COP 28: To reinforce One Health efforts, nations unveil a practical guide for governance, sectoral integration, and knowledge, addressing global health challenges with a unified approach

Over 120 Countries Back Declaration To Prepare Healthcare Systems To Cope With Climate Impacts

COP 28: The climate crisis is a health crisis, but for too long, health has been a footnote in climate discussions, said Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, World Health Organisation

From Farm To Formulation: Nurturing A Flourishing Nutraceutical Landscape In India

Sanjaya Mariwala February 21, 2024

Certain sunshine sectors, such as nutraceuticals, have not received as much attention, even though India is the land of Ayurveda and possesses ancestral knowledge of herbs and natural medicines

World Food Day: Here's What The Akshaya Patra Foundation Aims For

Subhadra Menon October 16, 2021

Here comes an interview with Mr Sundeep Talwar, CMO, The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Companies Embrace Millet Boom Through Government Incentive Scheme

The government reports a millet surge as 22 MSMEs join in, attracted by the Production-Linked Incentive for millet-based products

Technology Helps Revive Lost Millet Varieties In Kerala  

Lenovo develops a tech-based prototype model for millet revival and establish market linkages benefiting farming communities in Kanthalloor 

ASEAN-India Millet Festival Launched In Delhi 

Celebrating International Millets Year 2023, Union Minister Arjun Munda inaugurates a festival promoting millets, aligning with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision for sustainable agriculture and nutritional security

Darshan Mahajan's Play On Millets Earns Global Recognition

The acclaimed play Pruthvi Che Shetkari by theatre director Darshan Mahajan takes centre stage, garnering praise from top officials and recognition from the UN Food and Agriculture Department

Transforming Millets Into A Rice Lookalike

Breaking ground in nutrition, ICAR-IIMR pioneers an innovative method to make millets resemble rice, offering a wholesome alternative for health-conscious individuals