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Quaker's 'Bowl Of Growth' Initiative Nurtures The Philosophy Of Poshan Right, Toh Future Bright

The programme's effectiveness is measured by assessing anthropometric changes at 3- and 6-months post-intervention, supplemented by regular evaluations to track recovery from malnutrition

Poshan Pakhwada Promoting Nutrition With Sensitisation Activities

The event featured a range of activities focusing on dietary practices, health, and improving nutrition through various initiatives

Indonesia Eyes Poshan For Its Children

In a discussion with the Indian Government, Indonesia has expressed a serious intent to adopt the PM Poshan scheme to benefit school children in that country

Expert Meeting On Millets Reviews Nutritional Security And Sustainable Health

At a meeting in New Delhi, experts discussed the declining trend of millet cultivation and its impact on food security and health to develop policies and strategies for encouraging millet consumption and promoting sustainable health

Union Minister Launches National Project For Health Of Tribal Students

The project aims to achieve the goal of a developed and fit India by making children healthy and will include medicinal plant gardens and traditional health practices

Rs 658 Crore Budget Approved For PM Poshan Scheme To Upgrade Mid-Day Meals

The State-Level Steering and Monitoring Committee for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme has approved a budget of Rs 658 crore for the PM Poshan Scheme for 2024–25. The scheme aims to upgrade mid-day meals and improve the nutritional status of primary school students

Anganwadi Workers In Maharashtra Win Protracted Battle For New Phones

The move will help the workers enter data accurately on the Poshan App for real-time monitoring of maternal and child nutritional outcomes

Danone India Launches New Product In Toddler Nutrition Category

The company has launched AptaGrow, a toddler nutrition range that aims to provide essential nutrients and support children's growth, brain development, and immunity between 3 and 6 years of age

Akshaya Patra’s New Kitchen To Serve Meals And Sustainability

Akshaya Patra's new kitchen in Panvel aims to go beyond serving nutritious mid-day meals and provide thousands of children hope, health, and education for a brighter future

From Farm To Formulation: Nurturing A Flourishing Nutraceutical Landscape In India

Sanjaya Mariwala February 21, 2024

Certain sunshine sectors, such as nutraceuticals, have not received as much attention, even though India is the land of Ayurveda and possesses ancestral knowledge of herbs and natural medicines

World Food Day: Here's What The Akshaya Patra Foundation Aims For

Subhadra Menon October 16, 2021

Here comes an interview with Mr Sundeep Talwar, CMO, The Akshaya Patra Foundation.

Millets To The Rescue: How A Simple Grain Can Reduce The Environmental Impact Of India's PDS

The PDS provides subsidised food to more than 800 million Indians. Under the programme, eligible households are entitled to purchase 5 kilogrammes of rice, wheat, or coarse grains per person each month from fair-priced shops located throughout the country

Millet Smitten Bill Gates Wonders Why Aren't They Eaten Everywhere

As climate change forces disruptive changes in farming cycles and malnutrition emerges as an even bigger crisis, these ancient super grains could become increasingly significant in the future, says Bill Gates in a recent blog

Millet Crowned King Of Foods By FAO

In a significant win for food security and nutrition, the Food and Agriculture Organisation declared millets a "global superfood" at the closing ceremony of the International Year of Millets 2023

Odisha's Millet Queen Invited by China

China has invited Raimati Ghiuria, popularly known as Odisha’s Millet Queen, to share her knowledge and experience of the super grain

Companies Embrace Millet Boom Through Government Incentive Scheme

The government reports a millet surge as 22 MSMEs join in, attracted by the Production-Linked Incentive for millet-based products