Lab Diamonds Are Good For The Pocket And The Planet

disha shah

The diamond industry has a significant adverse impact on the environment, but lab-grown diamonds have a far smaller carbon footprint

IPCC Recommends CCS Technology As A Climate Action Option

naina gautam

Many Indian companies have been exploring CCS and CCU. CCS is about capturing carbon from the source and sequestering it into oceans or rocks and CCU entails utilising captured carbon as a raw material

Making A Strong Case For Green Hydrogen 

manish vaid

With renewable energy decreasing carbon emissions in the power sector, Green hydrogen has become an emerging strategy to decarbonise the industrial sector

Govt Committed To Biomass Co-Firing Policy As It Curbs Pollution, Generates Income: Krishan Pal Gurjar

A significant step towards lowering emissions from the power sector is the biomass co-firing policy

India Has Committed Investments Of More Than $240 Billion In The Water Sector: Minister of Jal Shakti

Speaking at the UN Water Conference 2023, Minister of Jal Shakti Gajendra Singh Shekhawat emphasised the ambitious initiatives and efforts being made in India to ensure water security and attain Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 of clean water and sanitation for all

Asia-Pacific Remains Far From Being On Track To Meet The Targets Of SDG 6: Report 

The United Nations World Water Development Report urges for collective action and partnerships to manage water resources optimally


Many Millions Die Without Clean Water Or Sanitation: UN

associated press

In a report released recently, United Nations experts warned that there is a severe global shortage of clean drinking water and sanitary infrastructure that is only getting worse

World Water Day: 26 Per Cent Of World Lacks Clean Drinking Water, 46 Per Cent Sanitation


In order to reach UN goals to guarantee that everyone has access to clean water and sanitation by 2030, a glaring gap still has to be bridged, according to the UN Global Water Development Report 2023

Poshan Pakhwada To Focus On Millets

With the declaration of 2023 as the International Year of Millets, this year the focus of Poshan Pakhwada will be to popularise ‘Shree Anna’ -- the mother of all grains -- as a valuable asset to address malnutrition

Plan to Improve Pregnant Women's Nutrition

Mission Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0 aim to harness time-tested conventional wisdom in community nutritional practices

Holistic Approach Needed To Realise "One Earth, One Health" Vision: Mandaviya

The global pandemic has demonstrated that no country is immune from adverse developments in any country, and also that our actions impact the health and wellbeing of our eco-system


Over 95% Of People Have Access To Drinkable Water In Rural Areas: Report

With improved latrine, hand washing facilities and access to drinking water, the new findings indicate progress towards SDG 6

A Unique Initiative To Lessen The Effects of Climate Change On The Farming Community

The initiative emphasises on carbon sequestration to minimise agricultural greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and eventually limiting the impact of climate change on the farming community

TN Unveils Organic Farming Policy With Focus On Promoting Chemical-Free Agriculture

To provide safe, healthy and environment-friendly food, the Tamil Nadu government has rolled out the organic farming policy towards 'chemical-free organic agriculture' in the state

Gaushalas Can Be Very helpful In Encouraging Organic And Natural Farming: NITI Aayog Report

A report on production and promotion of organic and bio fertilizers with particular emphasis on increasing economic viability of gaushalas" was released by NITI Aayog Task Force

Marketing Millets

As a result of demonstrated crop cultivation techniques and good agricultural practices to FPO farmers, average crop productivity increased by 30-50 percent


Seed Traceability To Enable Farmers Procure Quality Seeds

Taking into account the rising population and the challenge of climate change, Tomar said everyone engaged in the farm sector should be ready to meet the future needs of India and the world


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