Steel Sector Embarks On Circular Economy Journey

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Innovative approaches align with global environmental goals and position the steel sector as a trailblazer in responsible and sustainable industrial practices

Indian Economy Roared But At The Cost Of Environment

India's booming economy in 2023 saw emissions rise, fuelled by growth and hampered by a weak monsoon that pushed reliance on fossil fuels and dampened clean energy generation

Indian Steel And Cement Sit On 'Carbon Tax Time Bomb'

The current concern centres around the default values set by the EU for carbon emissions in various products, including steel and cement

Colgate And IMPAct4Nutrition Join Forces For Children's Oral Health

The BSBF programme has positively impacted the lives of over 171 million children in India, instilling essential oral care habits, tobacco prevention awareness, and promoting good nutrition for oral health

Solar Power Set To Dominate By 2050: Study

According to a recent landmark study, solar energy is poised to outshine all other renewables as the planet transitions to a net-zero emission future

UN Sec-Gen Urges Aid To Small Island States Fighting Climate Change

During his visit to Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasised the urgent need for increased financial support to assist Small Island Developing States grappling with the impacts of climate change

India's Economic Growth And Weak Monsoon Drive Surge In Carbon Emissions

Global energy-related carbon emissions grew by 1.1 percent in 2023, increasing 410 million tonnes to reach a new record high of 37.4 gigatons in 2023: IEA


Wardwizard Targets Africa And Eastern India With Production Expansion

The company is looking to add two new electric scooters to enhance its product offerings for the domestic market: Yatin Gupte

Union Minister Launches National Project For Health Of Tribal Students

The project aims to achieve the goal of a developed and fit India by making children healthy and will include medicinal plant gardens and traditional health practices

Rs 658 Crore Budget Approved For PM Poshan Scheme To Upgrade Mid-Day Meals

The State-Level Steering and Monitoring Committee for the Mid-Day Meal Scheme has approved a budget of Rs 658 crore for the PM Poshan Scheme for 2024–25. The scheme aims to upgrade mid-day meals and improve the nutritional status of primary school students

Anganwadi Workers In Maharashtra Win Protracted Battle For New Phones

The move will help the workers enter data accurately on the Poshan App for real-time monitoring of maternal and child nutritional outcomes

Danone India Launches New Product In Toddler Nutrition Category

The company has launched AptaGrow, a toddler nutrition range that aims to provide essential nutrients and support children's growth, brain development, and immunity between 3 and 6 years of age


Akshaya Patra’s New Kitchen To Serve Meals And Sustainability

Akshaya Patra's new kitchen in Panvel aims to go beyond serving nutritious mid-day meals and provide thousands of children hope, health, and education for a brighter future

India Aiming To Achieve One-Third Of The Global Milk Production By 2030: Official

The installed capacity of West Assam Milk Producers Cooperative Society (WAMUL), which operates the popular brand Purabi, is also being increased with the opening of a new plant

Carbon Credit For Farmers In Punjab And Haryana For Adopting Sustainable Agri-Practices

Farmers in Punjab and Haryana are eligible to receive carbon credits for adopting sustainable agriculture practices as part of a Grow Indigo initiative that will incentivise farmers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil fertility

Regenerative Agriculture Market Set For A Boom

The global regenerative agriculture market is set for a major take-off, propelled by increasing demand for sustainable food production, the importance of reducing the effects of climate change, and growing public awareness of the benefits of regenerative agriculture

FIL Industries Partners With Spain's Kimitec For Sustainable Agri-Solutions

The partnership seeks to usher in sustainable agriculture and a cutting-edge range of biotechnology solutions, including bio-stimulants, bio-control, and smart fertilisers in Kashmir


NITI Aayog Unveils GROW Initiative For Agroforestry Transformation In India

Using advanced remote sensing and GIS technologies, NITI Aayog's GROW initiative aims to transform India's wastelands through agroforestry, according to a just-released report

Decarbonisation A Key Imperative For Sustainability

The Government is increasingly recognising the importance of fostering a sustainable transition and offering initiatives such as emission standards, tax breaks, and grants to encourage the adoption of green technologies

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