Transforming The Built Environment To Achieve India’s NDC Targets

Aun Abdullah September 20, 2023

Built environment is responsible for up to 40% of overall global greenhouse gas emissions. While the operation of buildings causes 20% of these emissions, when we add the emissions from producing building materials, commuting and deliveries, related municipal...

Renewable Energy Can Lead To Sustainable Supply Chains

Siddhartha Niyogi September 19, 2023

Battery Rejuvenation Key To Enabling Circular Economy

Kavinder Khurana September 18, 2023

Material Innovation Crucial For Circular Economy

Shalini Goyal Bhalla September 18, 2023

How Tech Charges Up Responsible Banking

Prashant Gala September 14, 2023

From harnessing data-driven insights that unravel ESG opportunities and risks to the proliferation of digital platforms that foster transparency and accountability, technology has not only blurred but expertly redrawn the boundaries of responsible banking...

Innovative Green Practices To Transform Warehouses

Sustainable warehouses prioritise energy-efficient design, incorporating technologies such as solar panels, LED lighting, optimised HVAC systems, and advanced monitoring systems

Ramnath Subramaniam September 13, 2023

Painting A Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Pursuits For A Healthier Planet

The paint industry can promote eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, by using sustainable materials in its products, such as plant-based oils,...

Mahesh Anand September 12, 2023