Decarbonisation A Key Imperative For Sustainability

Anand Mimani February 26, 2024

The Government is increasingly recognising the importance of fostering a sustainable transition and offering initiatives such as emission standards, tax breaks, and grants to encourage the adoption of green technologies

Traceability In Supply Chains Pivotal For Sustainability

Ramnath Vaidyanathan February 23, 2024

Trends Shaping ESG In 2024

Shaina Ganapathy February 21, 2024

Can PSUs Make India An ESG Leader

Sankar Chakraborti February 21, 2024

Is The Indian Workforce Skilled Enough To Take Up Green Jobs?

Peeyush Arya February 21, 2024

While India strives to support green jobs, the Global Green Skills Report highlights India’s challenges in aligning its blue- and white-collar workforces with the rapidly evolving green job landscape

Environmental Benefits Of Agritech Drones In Agriculture

Through precision farming enabled by agritech drones, farmers can optimise crop rotation and cover cropping strategies

Amandeep Panwar February 20, 2024

Championing Green Energy And Industrial Eco-Practices

Implementing sustainable practices, cutting resource use, and optimising operations make today's change agents tomorrow's winners. While impactful efforts...

Ajay Sharma February 19, 2024