Climate Change's Costly Toll: Businesses Face Trillion-Dollar Risks

Dr. Anshu Sharma May 13, 2024

As we navigate this era of climate uncertainty, the convergence of business continuity and climate resilience becomes not just a strategy for survival but a pathway to thriving in a rapidly changing world

Solar Parks Boosts Renewable Energy Growth

Simarpreet Singh May 08, 2024

As technology advances and costs continue to decline, solar power is set to play an even more influential role in the energy landscape, paving the way for urban sustainability

Decoding Sustainable Beauty: Redefining Industry Practices For Greener Future

Traditional beauty industry has long been criticised for its excessive use of plastic packaging, wasteful practices, and reliance on synthetic ingredients that can be harmful to the environment

Harmeet Singh May 07, 2024

India's Amrit Kaal Vision Must Include Disability-Inclusive Urbanisation

Many PwDs grapple with financial hardship due to limited employment opportunities, higher healthcare costs, and additional expenses related to disability...

Ila Singh May 06, 2024