“Sustainability is an Essential Component of Lubrizol’s Corporate DNA”

By Outlook Planet Desk June 04, 2024

Bhavana Bindra, Lubrizol’s dynamic Managing Director, shares her views on sustainable growth and Lubrizol’s impact in India

“Sustainability is an Essential Component of Lubrizol’s Corporate DNA”
Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director India, Middle East and Africa,Lubrizol.

Being ethical and environmentally-conscious has been part of Lubrizol’s corporate DNA since our founding in 1928. We think of sustainability through two perspectives: the sustainable impact of our solutions as experienced by our customers and end consumers and the sustainable impact of our operations on the environment vis-a-vis reduced carbon emissions and protecting natural resources. 

As a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, Lubrizol supports a broad spectrum of industries in the transportation, industrial and consumer segments. We also have a range of products designed to enhance sustainability. We help reduce CO2 and other vehicular emissions world-wide. We enable green refrigeration technology that eliminates CFCs and HCFCs, which have high global-warming potential (GWP). Our EVOGEN™ line of driveline fluids for electric vehicles makes these vehicles more efficient. We also improve drug delivery, requiring fewer materials and generating less waste in manufacturing. We even provide depth and experience in delivering bio-based and biodegradable ingredients for beauty and skin care applications. 

As far as our operations, we are on the way to achieve our goal of 20 percent reduction in combined Scope I and II GHG emissions by 2030. Our future plans include initiating capital projects in our facilities that will make us more energy- efficient. We are also actively looking at more renewable energy sources like wind, solar and biomass. All of Lubrizol’s locations in India – commercial offices, labs, and manufacturing plants – share an unwavering commitment to sustainability. 

Last year we announced plans to grow on our presence in India by investing $150 million to enable the world’s largest CPVC resin plant in Vilayat, Gujarat and double capacity at our manufacturing site in Dahej, Gujarat. We have also opened a grease lab in our Turbhe plant in Navi Mumbai. All these efforts enable significant growth opportunities for our customers and our teams in India and globally. 

Being able to serve our customers in the region not only helps us grow, but it also cuts down on transportation of materials from other parts of the world. For instance, the main raw material for our CPVC production in market will be shared from our partner Grasim, via a pipeline delivery network. This is a safe and sustainable delivery option that reduces the need to transport via less-sustainable delivery modes. 

At our Additives plant in Turbhe, we leverage solar power, LED lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning and other environment-friendly solutions. Finally, our Global Capability Center (GCC) in Pune, is our strategic hub to accelerate growth in the region and enable closer collaboration with our customers and employees. The campus of our GCC is LEED Gold certified to enable a safe, healthy, and environmentally conscious workspace. 

A question that any environment-conscious citizen would ask of a global company is how it is contributing to India’s well-being. At Lubrizol we develop sustainable solutions to advance mobility, improve wellbeing and enhance modern life. Consider this: the company’s CPVC piping system delivers clean water with lower environmental impact to countless consumers across the region; we have been providing lubricant and fuel solutions in India since 1966; and our company’s Center of Excellence has supported customers in the homecare market to meet sustainability goals regionally while streamlining processes. 

Since 1928, Lubrizol has been building on our history of collaboration to empower technology to deliver sustainable impact. Our additives to engine oils and fuels have resulted in reduced CO2 emissions and increased engine life and better mileage. Our recyclable thermoplastic polyurethane is a durable, environment-friendly material for fitness gear. Our electric vehicle fluids enhance protection and ensure superior performance of EVs. 

Finally, we have been intentional in aligning our efforts and resources with seven UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also engage with our stakeholders to understand issues important to the company and our customers. At Lubrizol, sustainability is a mantra embedded in our corporate culture and work ethos, and we look forward to continued impact.

(As told to Outlook Business)