Dvara E-Registry Announced As Winner In World Economic Forum's Smarter Climate Farmers Challenge

With pioneering digital tools Doordrishti and KhetScore, Dvara E-Registry allows farmers to navigate the challenges posed by climate change effectively and sustainably

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/11/2023

Israeli Firm To Revolutionise Indian Dairy Farming With Green Energy

Home Biogas partners with SKG Sangha to install 7,000 eco-friendly systems, reducing deforestation and transforming cooking practises in Satara

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/11/2023

Fortune Rice Partners With Arya.Ag To Use Satellite Technology For Crop Management

This innovative collaboration harnesses's state-of-the-art satellite surveillance product and Fortune Rice's agricultural expertise to transform the monitoring and growth of paddy crops

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/11/2023

Bull Agritech Secures Rs 80 Lakh Pre-Seed Funding From Pedalstart And Agritech Giants

This influx of fresh capital will propel the start-up into an aggressive expansion and recruitment phase, focusing on bolstering its technological and business capabilities

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/11/2023

Agriculture Sector Banking On 800 Climate-Resilient Products To Mitigate Climate Change's Impact On Crops

World Sustainability Day 2023: The need to develop a responsive and appropriate scientific mechanism to counter the impact of climate change is also forcing companies to come up with out-of-the-box solutions for the farming community

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/10/2023

Making Indian Agriculture Future-Ready 

The National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture, scientific warehousing and deployment of drone technologies need to be promoted and facilitated for small scale farmers, too

By Neelam Gupta 23/04/2023

Women’s Equality In Agrifood Systems To Reduce Food Insecurity

Tackling gender inequalities in agrifood systems and empowering women reduces hunger, boosts the economy and reinforces resilience to shocks like climate change  

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023

The Indian Subcontinent – A Cradle Of Aquaculture

Aquaculture is a traditional activity in Southern Asia Region, particularly the Indian subcontinent. The earliest examples of aquaculture were raising fish in homestead ponds primarily for family consumption.

By Tarun Shridhar 29/09/2021

Greenhouse Horticulture Is Expanding At A Rapid Pace, But…

In India, construction of new greenhouses is heavily subsidised. Government also provides support to farmers and horticulturists in growing safe food products.

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/09/2021

‘Greenhouse Farming Should Be Well-Planned Business’

Experts agree there are advantages in taking up greenhouse farming but also add a word of caution.

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/09/2021