Union Minister Launches National Project For Health Of Tribal Students

The project aims to achieve the goal of a developed and fit India by making children healthy and will include medicinal plant gardens and traditional health practices

By Outlook Planet Desk 23/02/2024

HP Govt Plans To Unveil New Agri Schemes In State Budget

The state government is encouraging agriculture as an industry to make the farmers self-reliant

By PTI 12/02/2024

Finance Minister Nurtures Agri-Welfare In Interim Budget

Budget 2024 & Sustainability: The Interim Union Budget provides an impetus to agriculture with a series of new initiatives and stepped-up support to ongoing programmes to boost farmer welfare and sustainable development

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/02/2024

Drones Steer Agriculture Towards A Sustainable Future

Drones contribute to 75 percent time savings and 21 percent improvement in crop yield when compared to traditional knapsack spraying methods, as per estimates

By Prem Kumar Vislawath 16/01/2024

Farmers Edge, LTIMindtree Launch Farming-Focuses Innovation Lab

The Farmers Edge Innovation Lab (FEIL) aims to educate and empower India's farmers, providing tailored solutions that enhance yields, reduce costs, and ensure a prosperous and sustainable future of agriculture

By PTI 04/01/2024

Climate-Resilient Wheat Varieties Find Favour With Framers

Armed with new resilient crop varieties, farmers in India are increasingly learning to live with extreme climate changes and protect their farms

By Outlook Planet Desk 26/12/2023

Reimagining Tailored Insurance Solutions For Farmers In Varied Climatic Conditions

Kisan Diwas 2023: By combining traditional insurance models with cutting-edge technology like weather indices and satellite data, insurers can improve the accuracy of risk assessment in the agriculture industry

By Rohit Boda 22/12/2023

At Least $2.1 Bn In New Funds Pledged At COP28, As Foundations Focus On Health And Agriculture

COP 28: The estimated pledges, which do not represent a complete account of philanthropic commitments at COP28, came from a mix of foundations and private companies, with some made in partnership with governments

By PTI 13/12/2023

Adapting Sustainable Practices To Align With COP 28

COP 28: Integrating market-linked incentives for a sustainable package of practises can help farmers adopt and adhere to climate-smart production systems

By Prasanna Rao 12/12/2023

India's Agriculture Under Climate Change Cloud

India faces a dual threat as rising temperatures are poised to reduce crop yields and push up short-term food price inflation to 11.51 percent

By Outlook Planet Desk 05/12/2023