Modern Irrigation System Can Usher In An Era Of Prosperity In Himachal: Agri Minister

With the inclusion of new technology, machinery, research and improved hybrid seeds in agriculture, desired success can be achieved to benefit the farmers, said state Agriculture Minister Chandra Kumar

By PTI 25/11/2023

Weaving The Threads Of Change For A Sustainable Cotton Farming Industry

It is estimated that the industry provides direct livelihood to six million farmers, with an additional 40–50 million people employed in cotton trade and processing

By Sumeet Mittal 02/01/2024

Coalition Of 17 Organisations Demands Action For Animal Agriculture Sector

Open Letter Urges Ministry to Address Critical Issues of Environment, Health, Gender Equality, and Economic Resilience

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/10/2023

Agritech Companies Need To Build Sustainable Business Model To Thrive

By leveraging technology these companies can reduce food waste, optimise planning, lower use of chemicals, improve crop yield and enhance crop price realisation

By Anu Chaudhary 23/09/2023

Modern Technologies Can Transform Agritech Startups

Agritech firms pursuing a tech-first approach benefit from a number of growth opportunities, including rising internet penetration and a welcoming climate from regulators and various stakeholders

By Anjami Nayyar 22/09/2023

Material Innovation Crucial For Circular Economy

The circular economy aims to reduce resource depletion and waste generation by keeping products, components, and materials in use and regenerating them at the end of their life cycle

By Shalini Goyal Bhalla 18/09/2023

Bracing Agriculture Sector With Tech

Creating an environment wherein the next generation gets exposure to cutting-edge technologies and understand their benefits would entice the farmers to actively participate in agriculture

By Burjis Godrej 05/09/2023

Increase In Demand For Ethanol Holds Potential To Change The Agriculture Economy

The agriculture and allied industry's contribution to India's GDP is only 12 per cent while 65 per cent of the population is dependent on agriculture

By PTI 30/08/2023

Mainstreaming Millets

With growing needs for food due to population growth, millets present an opportunity globally to ensure sustainable food security

By Prashant Parameswaran 22/05/2023

Focus On Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security At G20 Deputies Meeting

The G20 agricultural working group's three-day conference of agricultural deputies concluded with participants reviewing a range of topics, including climate-smart nutrition, food security, and sustainable agriculture

By PTI 01/04/2023