J’khand To Restrict New Coke Units In Dhanbad 

The temporary restriction will remain in force till the AQI falls within the permission limit prescribed by the Central Pollution Control Board in Dhanbad

By PTI 18/09/2023

Earth Is Outside Its Safe Operating Space For Humanity: Study

Water went from barely safe to the out-of-bounds category because of worsening river run-off and better measurements and understanding of the problem, Rockstrom said

By PTI 14/09/2023

10% Additional GST On Diesel Vehicles As Pollution Tax: Gadkari

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said the contribution of diesel cars has already come down drastically in the country and the manufacturers need to stop selling them in the market

By PTI 12/09/2023

Painting A Greener Future: Eco-Friendly Pursuits For A Healthier Planet

The paint industry can promote eco-friendly practices throughout its operations, by using sustainable materials in its products, such as plant-based oils, recycled content durable material, and low-VOC pigments

By Mahesh Anand 12/09/2023

Renewables Save Estimated $521 Billion In Fuel Costs In 2022: Report 

Approximately 86 percent capacity of the new renewable energy projects in 2022 was found to have lower costs than electricity generated from fossil fuels, according to a report by IRENA

By Outlook Planet Desk 02/09/2023

SLMG Beverages To Invest In Increasing EV Fleet

The company started using e-vehicles two years ago with its fleet currently spanning across various states, including UP, Uttarakhand, Bihar and Madhya Pradesh, it said

By PTI 02/09/2023

USAID And CEEW Host National Dialogue On Air Pollution And Health

USAID’s Cleaner Air and Better Health project aims to strengthen air pollution mitigation and reduce exposure to air pollution in India by establishing evidence-based models for better air quality management. The project is being implemented by a consortium...

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/09/2023

For Many Cities Around The World, Bad Air An Inescapable Part Of Life

According to the air quality company IQAir, which compiles data from ground level monitoring stations across the world, nine of the top ten cities in the world with the highest yearly average of fine particulate matter were in Asia last year, including six in...

By Outlook Planet Desk 10/06/2023

2.3 Billion People Globally Use Polluting Fuel To Cook

In 2019, the WHO calculated that 3.2 million premature deaths per year were caused by household air pollution, which was brought on by harmful fuels and technology

By Outlook Planet Desk 07/06/2023

Telangana Tops In CSE’s Environment Report

World Environment Day 2023: According to an evaluation of the states based on four criteria—the environment, agriculture, public health, and infrastructure—Telangana, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, and Gujarat came out on top in that order in a new report, The...

By Outlook Planet Desk 05/06/2023