India's New Green Revolution Targets Ambitious Net Zero Goals

The comprehensive initiatives in 2023 marked significant progress towards a sustainable future, encompassing green credits, circular economy, G20 collaborations, air quality enhancements, and ambitious renewable energy targets

By Outlook Planet Desk 31/12/2023

Hindalco Offers Virtual Reality Tour Of Sustainable Mining Initiatives At IITF

The virtual reality tour at IIFT captures Hindalco's sustainability initiatives, including sustainable land use, waste management, local economic development, biodiversity, water stewardship, health and safety, and decarbonisation

By PTI 18/11/2023

Rise of Sustainable Agriculture Amidst Modern Challenges

The integration of modern technologies like mechanisation, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, wireless sensors, big data and mobile applications is reshaping Indian agriculture

By Shashank Kumar 28/09/2023

Only 24% Of Organisations Have Biodiversity Strategy In Place: Study

Although many tools like impact assessments, AI or synthetic biology exist to address biodiversity loss, businesses are investing less than 5 per cent of the required amount to address it 

By Outlook Planet Desk 19/09/2023

Earth Is Outside Its Safe Operating Space For Humanity: Study

Water went from barely safe to the out-of-bounds category because of worsening river run-off and better measurements and understanding of the problem, Rockstrom said

By PTI 14/09/2023

Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill To Help Simplify Patent Application

Parliament passes Biological Diversity (Amendment) Bill after addressing concerns that the amendments favoured the industry and contradicted the spirit of the Convention on Biological Diversity

By PTI 02/08/2023

Making Gains From Biodiversity

Biodiversity is fundamental to industry and society, with direct or indirect benefits ranging from providing resources to building critical infrastructure, to improving asset resilience to climate change or creating attractive environments for people to live...

By Theuns Kotze 03/07/2023

Finance And Technology Partnerships Are The Key Pillars For The BRICS Nations

The Union Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, elaborated on the efforts made by India for protection of environment and for combatting climate change, pollution and biodiversity loss

By Outlook Planet Desk 29/06/2023

UN Begins Deliberations On A Deal To End Global Plastic Pollution In Paris

The Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee on Plastics is creating the world's first legally enforceable international treaty on plastic pollution

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/05/2023

A LiFE Initiative To Create Awareness And Promote Millets Among Students And Farmers

In order to influence habit, Soumya Swaminathan, chair of the MSSRF, emphasised the necessity for extensive training on nutrition and food awareness.

By Outlook Planet Desk 03/05/2023