TruAlt Bioenergy To Invest Rs 600 Cr To Expand Capacity

The company plans to augment its biofuel capacity by 2.7 lakh tonne per day by setting up 10 more plants

By PTI 12/02/2024

Why Should An Investor Look At The Biofuel Segment Currently? 

Governments are providing substantial support and incentives to encourage biofuel development and adoption. These incentives include subsidies, tax credits, and grants, which not only attract investors but also create a favourable regulatory environment

By Kishan Karunakaran 17/10/2023

Rs 1 Lakh Cr Renewable Projects To Hit Ground In UP

The state received investment proposals worth about Rs 7.50 lakh crore during the UP Global Investors Summit in Lucknow earlier this year

By PTI 07/10/2023

Essar Oil UK Selects Mitsubishi As Tech Licensor For Carbon Capture Project

The company plans for the facility to be operational in 2028, eliminating an estimated 860,000 tons of carbon dioxide per year

By PTI 07/10/2023

Investments Worth Rs 1,500 Cr Expected In Biogas During Expo: IBA

Renewable Energy Expo focuses on bio-energy, solar, and wind and energy efficient technologies, including electric vehicles and battery storage

By PTI 02/10/2023

IndianOil Unveils First Green Hydrogen Bus That Emits Water

IOC will undertake operational trials of 15 fuel cell buses powered by green hydrogen on the identified routes in Delhi, Haryana, and UP. Under this programme, the first set of 2 fuel cell buses was launched on Monday

By PTI 27/09/2023

Energy Transition To Biofuels To Help Businesses Become ESG Friendly

The substitution of coal and diesel with eco-friendly biofuels reduces the emission of harmful gases that are detrimental to the environment and contribute to global warming

By Ashvin Patil 26/09/2023

India To Lead In Sustainable Techs: Honeywell Chief Scientist

The company recently established a sustainability centre of excellence (CoE) in Madurai, Tamil Nadu to serve as a hub for support in engineering, innovation, and collaboration on sustainability initiatives

By PTI 19/09/2023

Schneider Electric Invests In A Clean Energy Venture, Biofuels Junction

In FY2023, Biofuels Junction sourced waste from over 28,000 farmers, and avoided 100,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and 84,200 tonnes of agricultural waste

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/09/2023

Diversity Is Our Best Bet In Terms Of Our Energy Mix: Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks on a wide range of issues, including on India’s vision for a sustainable, inclusive and equitable world. Extracts:

By PTI 04/09/2023