Biogas Can Cut India’s Fossil Fuel Use

Compressed biogas emerges as a promising solution to cut fossil fuel dependence, manage waste, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions

By Outlook Planet Desk 28/10/2023

Green Gold: £2,755 Crore Boost for India's Biogas Sector

The success of this year's expo has fuelled positivity in the industry, with IBA President A R Shukla emphasising the sector's potential to achieve energy self-sufficiency and pave the way to replace fossil fuels with appropriate governmental support.

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/10/2023

Upcoming Global Conference On Biogas To Make Policy Recommendations

Promoted by SATAT Scheme (Sustainable Alternative Towards Affordable Transportation), compressed biogas has an important role in emission reduction 

By Outlook Planet Desk 15/04/2023