Adoption Of BRSR Framework Supports Firms In Pursuing Sustainability Goals

International ESG Day 2023: Embracing the BRSR framework and seeking reasonable assurance for core disclosures bestows a wide range of advantages, including heightened transparency, fortified reputational risk management, enhanced stakeholder engagement

By Madhu Sudan Kankani 29/11/2023

Statutory ESG Assurance To Challenge Companies In FY’24

At a time when green washing is rampant throughout the world, mandatory ESG disclosure and third-party assurance of disclosures are the primary weapons that regulators deploy against green washing

By Bose K Varghese 03/11/2023

ESG Emerges As Strategic Tool For Businesses To Create Value And Mitigate Risks

An IICA-UNICEF workshop seeks to build the capacity and awareness of the participants on the emerging trends and best practices of BRSR in relation ESG issues

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/09/2023

IICA And UNICEF Join Hands To Promote BRSR

The workshop also covered various topics such as CSR and ESG as tools for establishing responsible brands, effective BRSR disclosures, digital tools, IT portal/software for BRSR and the application of family-friendly policies in business

By Outlook Planet Desk 13/09/2023

Digital Transformation In Sustainability And ESG

While some companies fear sustainability may hurt profits, ESG efforts preserve the profit motive. Participating in ESG efforts gives companies a competitive advantage, as customers are more likely to purchase sustainable and ethical products 

By R. Mukund 18/08/2023

Is SEBI’s BRSR Core Utilitarian Or Distractive? 

While SEBI’s intention is to bring reliability to ESG disclosures and ratings and reduce cost of compliance in defining BRSR Core, but BRSR Core may not fully deliver on these goals

By Bose K Varghese 13/07/2023

Committed to Longterm Sustainability

IDFC FIRST Bank is a voluntary participant/supporter in multiple global initiatives such as UNGC and TCFD and the Bank continues to proactively adopt multiple disclosure practices as per global standards to drive higher transparency.

By 07/07/2023

Changing The Game On Sustainability Through Circularity

Only together can we address climate change and lessen our impact on the earth – for people, for the planet, and for our mutual prosperity

By Amy Zuckerman 14/05/2023

Good Times Ahead For The ESG Sector

The ESG market will continue to grow and will resemble the IT boom in its pace of expansion

By Anu Chaudhary 12/05/2023

ESG: The Key To Securing A Sustainable Corporate Future

Businesses must accept responsibility for their part in ensuring a sustainable and fair future for the world in the 21st century

By Juhi Gupta 09/05/2023