Indian Marine Sector's Carbon Emissions Are Lower Than The Global Average: CMFRI

According to studies conducted by the ICAR-CMFRI to analyse the carbon footprint of India's marine fisheries, the industry emits 1.32 tonnes of CO2 (carbon dioxide) for every tonne of fish produced, which is less than the average global emission of more than...

By PTI 13/03/2023

135 Million Tonnes Of Methane Released Into The Atmosphere By The Energy Sector In 2022: Study

According to the IEA's Global Methane Tracker, the oil and gas industry could reduce greenhouse gas emissions while still making a sizeable profit from the energy crisis

By Outlook Planet Desk 27/02/2023

India is leading the G20 nations in terms of climate performance: Study

In this study, the mitigation efforts of the G20 countries, which account for around 80 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions, have been assessed

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/02/2023

CCUS Gets Traction At The G20 Energy Transitions Working Group

The event is likely to open new vistas for low carbon downstream industries and academia to work and move ahead benefiting people and planet

By Outlook Planet Desk 08/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Taking Steps Towards Net Zero By 2070

The long-awaited move has come out of the blue, but the plan laid out to achieve the net zero target is forward-looking, definite and goal-oriented   

By Shailendra Singh Rao 06/02/2023

Budget 2023-24: Big Thrust On Energy Transition

The budget has allocated Rs 35,000 crore for capital expenditures related to the energy transition and targets 5 MT of Green Hydrogen production by 2030

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/02/2023

Plant-Based Proteins Support Sustainable Food Systems

Studies show how both people and the planet gain from shifting to a diet rich in plant-based proteins as well as more vegetables and fruits on the daily plate

By Arun Sriram 29/01/2023

Eight Indian Airports Receive Carbon Accreditation

By 2030, many Indian airports, including Kempegowda International Airport aim to have net-zero carbon emissions

By Outlook Planet Desk 28/01/2023

Union Budget 2023-2024: Green Expectations 

The upcoming budget is likely to place emphasis on the generation of renewable energy but won’t be limited to solar  

By Shailja Tripathi 27/01/2023

Increased E&P, Import Diversification, Biofuels Part of India's Four-Plank Energy Security Strategy: Puri

According to Oil Minister Hardeep Singh Puri, the country is transitioning to alternative sources and utilising gas and green hydrogen to achieve energy security and transition.

By PTI 23/01/2023