Championing Green Energy And Industrial Eco-Practices

Implementing sustainable practices, cutting resource use, and optimising operations make today's change agents tomorrow's winners. While impactful efforts might be costlier initially, the long-term gains justify these investments

By Ajay Sharma 19/02/2024

3D Printing Strengthens Sustainable Construction

By using a precise amount of material to construct a structure, it can reduce waste generation at job sites by up to 50 percent

By Anup Mathew 15/02/2024

India Proposes Measures For Climate-Resilient Fisheries At UN Meeting

India has proposed measures to combat climate change's adverse effects on fisheries. During a virtual meeting organised by the UN, India suggested a reduction in carbon footprint, integration of the IPCC prediction, and harnessing the carbon sequestration...

By Outlook Planet Desk 22/01/2024

JSW Renew Energy Commissions 51 MW Wind Energy Capacity In Tamil Nadu

The total current installed capacity has gone up to 6,822 MW, while the under-construction capacity stands at 2,969 MW, which is likely to be commissioned in phases over the next 12 months

By PTI 27/12/2023

Balancing Extravagance With Net-Zero Energy Infra

The use of environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and technology has become an imperative in constructing luxury homes

By Manju Yagnik 22/12/2023

Study Uncovers Pathways To Boost Resilience In India's Small Dairy Farms

An insightful study prescribes an eco-friendly roadmap for lifting small dairy farms across the country in a win-win for all stakeholders

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/12/2023

Nations Reject Weak Carbon Market Rules

COP 28: Global leaders resisted the adoption of compromised rules for the carbon market, prioritising human rights and environmental protection over potential risks  

By Outlook Planet Desk 14/12/2023

India In Pole Position In Solar Energy

COP 28: The country's adoption of solar power, investments in solar infrastructure and initiatives like the International Solar Alliance demonstrate India's commitment to cleaner energy solutions

By Gautam Mohanka 12/12/2023

Production Of 5 MMT Green Hydrogen Can Help Cut Rs 1 Lakh Cr Worth Fossil Fuel Imports: R K Singh

The Union Cabinet approved earlier this year the National Green Hydrogen Mission with an outlay of Rs 19,744 crore with an aim to make India a global hub for manufacturing this clean source of energy

By PTI 06/12/2023

India Bolsters Renewable Energy With 3.7 GW Addition In Q3

Renewables surge as India marches towards 500 GW by 2030

By Outlook Planet Desk 16/11/2023