Developing Nations Press Rich World To Better Fight Climate Change At UN Climate Summit

COP 28: Developed nations were faulted for failing to deliver on their pledges to meet their commitments on financing for climate action and meet their own targets to curb their industries' emissions

By PTI 03/12/2023

Promoting Permaculture Food Forests As Carbon Sinks

COP 28: Embracing resilient techniques such as composting, no-till farming and more effective fertiliser delivery, permaculture system eliminate the presence of these poisonous gases

By Sunith Reddy 02/12/2023

PM Modi Proposes Hosting 2028 UN Climate Talks, Unveils 'Green Credit Initiative' At COP28

COP 28: Addressing the high-level segment for heads of state and governments, Modi said the Green Credits Initiative is a pro-planet, proactive and positive initiative that goes beyond the commercial mindset associated with carbon credits

By PTI 02/12/2023

COP President Issues Document For Phase-Down Of Fossil Fuels

COP 28: More than 100 nations in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean and in the Pacific call for phase-out of fossil fuels

By PTI 02/12/2023

APCO Survey Highlights Public Priorities And Divides In Global Climate Discourse

Insights from a comprehensive APCO survey reveal a world divided on climate action, emphasising the urgent need for clearer communication and decisive steps on multilateral platforms like COP

By Outlook Planet Desk 01/12/2023

Two Billion People Globally Fear Losing Their Homes To Climate Change

A recent Ipsos survey, spanning 31 countries, unveils widespread concerns about home loss due to climate change with India, Turkey, and Brazil expressing the highest apprehensions

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/11/2023

One Health Approach Gains Momentum In Global Climate Talks At COP28

As COP28 addresses the intersection of health, climate, and environment, the proposed draft declaration underscores the significance of One Health, advocating for collaborative strategies to combat climate-related health challenges

By Outlook Planet Desk 30/11/2023

India Likely To Advocate For Bigger Scope For Fund To Compensate Developing Nations For Climate Change: UN Official

At COP27 last year, the Loss and Damage Fund was agreed to by the Parties to provide financial assistance to developing nations suffering from adverse climate change impacts

By PTI 30/11/2023

Finance To Be Key For Climate Course

COP28: Mobilising finance will be vital for aligning activities with the Paris climate deal negotiated at COP21 for limiting global warming to 1.5° C by 2100

By Shafiqul Alam 26/11/2023

Leveraging Technology For Waste Management

COP 28: Social media platforms integrated with behavioural assessment tools can provide personalised feedback and incentives to encourage sustainable waste behaviours

By Vikram Prabakar 25/11/2023