Creating A New Vocabulary For Climate Change 

When art is said to be a reflection of society and times, how can artists, filmmakers, and theatre practitioners remain indifferent to the burning subject of global warming? 

By Shailaja Tripathi 25/03/2023

Govt Committed To Biomass Co-Firing Policy As It Curbs Pollution, Generates Income: Krishan Pal Gurjar

A significant step towards lowering emissions from the power sector is the biomass co-firing policy

By PTI 24/03/2023

Asia-Pacific Remains Far From Being On Track To Meet The Targets Of SDG 6: Report 

The United Nations World Water Development Report urges for collective action and partnerships to manage water resources optimally

By Outlook Planet Desk 24/03/2023

IPCC Report Simplified

While coming out with a “how to guide to defuse the climate time- bomb”, the IPCC has as usual begun with employing difficult-to-understand climate language

By Naina Gautam 23/03/2023

Climate Change Marks Presence At Kochi-Muziris Biennale

The ongoing Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2022 organised thought-provoking discussions on sustainable development, building inclusive pathways to tackle climate change through three workshops

By Outlook Planet Desk 23/03/2023

World Water Day: The Real Estate Sector Can Help With Water Conservation

In order to achieve sustainable development, it is essential to expedite and execute water conservation measures in the real estate sector, one of India's top consumers of water

By Nirav Dalal 22/03/2023

World Water Day: Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group Meeting To Focus On Water Resources 

The G20 Meeting on environment and climate sustainability is scheduled to take place from March 27-29, in Gujarat

By PTI 22/03/2023

 There Are Feasible Low-Cost Adaptation Options Available: IPCC Report

The latest report makes a case for low-cost transition and meaningful choices reduce GHG emissions 

By Outlook Planet Desk 21/03/2023

Those At Risk Have Made The Smallest Contributions To Climate Change: IPCC Report 

Though a recap of main findings from previous IPCC reports, the latest Synthesis Report also looks ahead, outlines policies and measures to curtail GHG emissions 

By Shailaja Tripathi 20/03/2023

Impact Investing In India Offers Promising Prospects

A recent study emphasises the lack of growth stage impact funding targeted at India that are necessary to scale solutions to the point where they can have a global impact and advance the SDGs

By Outlook Planet Desk 17/03/2023